Here’s How You Tend To Express Yourself Creatively, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ESTJ: by creating even more efficient ways to get things done.

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ENFP: by generating as many potential ideas as possible. Even the most outlandish or conspiratorial concepts aren’t off the table for you to ponder- and it can lead to some surprising results!

ENTP: by coming up with interesting solutions to the problems people didn’t even realize they had. Your ability to generate ideas is much like your ENFP friend, but in a more logical fashion- and that combination results in some pretty fascinating entrepreneurial schemes.

INFP: by taking your carefully analyzed and understood feelings and making them relatable to the rest of the world. You seem to understand your own emotions-and everyone else’s- better than the rest of us, and you tend to express yourself creatively when you’re expressing those analyzed emotions in some artistic fashion. It wouldn’t really surprise anyone if you had a secret tumblr account of poems you’ve published anonymously that have been reblogged 1,000+ times.

INTP: by filling in all the details in between any two things that, to the rest of the world, look completely unconnected. You can see the big picture ideas, but you’re more interested in all the tiny details that are hidden underneath the surface- and it’s those tiny details that help take those ideas and make them a reality!

ESFJ: by doing whatever is necessary to make sure a person is happy, welcome, and cared for in any capacity. You have a knack for truly knowing what a person wants simply because you listen to and care for people. You’re most likely the one planning the surprise party, organizing an outing so the new person can get connected with some friends, or just always having a backup plan in case of an emergency- we know we can always depend on you to come up with something.

ISFJ: by creating environments where everyone is comfortable and happy. You have a strong desire to keep the peace, and you’ll go through great ends to achieve it- which means you are exceptionally creative at finding activities or atmospheres that everyone can enjoy being in. Your ability to recognize what makes the people around you comfortable really gets your creative juices flowing, and everyone knows they will have a great time if you’re involved.

ESTJ: by creating even more efficient ways to get things done. You aren’t one to sit around and allow things to happen a certain way if there is an even more efficient way to go about it. You have an incredible ability to see where things can be improved, and you waste no time in doing exactly that!

ISTJ: by knowing how to improve situations involved in things you are passionate about. You usually known to be very by-the-book and traditional, yet your creative side is expressed when it means taking a situation and knowing how to make it even better. When you’ve completely invested in something, you’ll read and take in every piece of information available regarding it- and you’re rarely ever wrong in whether or not it will be successful.

ENFJ: by unifying everyone in the room for a common cause. We know you tend to be a natural leader simply because of your ability to read people and your confidence- people listen to you because they know you are willing to do what is best for everyone. So when there is an issue, organization, or goal that requires everyone to rally together, you will always find a way to make that happen- and we all know how much creativity it takes to try and get everyone in the room on board with something.

INFJ: by determining trends and knowing people’s actions before they happen. You are always looking one step ahead, and most people might think you’re psychic, but truth be told, you just know people really well and are simply great at predicting what happens next! When it comes to needing to be in the know and predicting what new trend is going to emerge next, you’re the one we want on our team to help us figure it out.

ESTP: by being fearlessly impulsive in exploring new adventures/ideas. Despite that most people might not think your impulsive streak is a great thing, it is how you express your creativity- by doing the things most people are too nervous or too uncertain to do. While maybe not everything will turn into something more than a lesson, you’ll also be the one to stumble upon some incredible ideas and solutions to situations that others usually won’t just by sitting around and thinking about it, and you’ll actually be the one to take action and do something about it.

ISTP: by finding the easiest/quickest way to get something done. It can be easy to get caught up in all the hassle of trying to find solutions to a problem, but you have a knack for figuring out the quickest way to go about it- and usually it’s something everyone else probably missed out on. While your goal may not always be to be the most creative, your ideas tends to be some pretty unique ones- and you save us all half the time we’d waste doing things the other way.

ESFP: by coming up with exactly what to say to win people over. Your charm certainly does a lot of things for you, and it’s no surprise that it links right in with your creative side. You have an incredible ability to know exactly what people want/need to hear- and you know how to use it. Whether it’s hyping up a crowd or creating a sales pitch, you always know exactly what to say to pull people into your way of thinking.

ISFP: by allowing your sensitivity and individualism shine through in everything you do. You’re not known as “the artist” for no reason. You have a deep well of emotional empathy that allows you to connect to the world around you, as well as strong individualist streak that keeps you from being the same as everyone else- and while you’re usually known for expressing yourself through art or music, there isn’t any cap on what you might create next.

ENTJ: by creating environments that utilize everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to achieving a goal, most people don’t know where to start- but that’s where your creative streak shine through. You have an ability to see the strengths and weaknesses everyone has, and then organize them into a system that will get the job done in the most seamless way possible.

INTJ: by coming up with ideas of the ways the world around you can be improved, and then actually doing it. You are mostly known for your more logical and analytical aspects, but what people don’t always realize is how much of an idealistic person you are- you just handle it in a bit more of a logical fashion. You are great at seeing inconsistencies in the world around you, coming up with ideas on how to make things better, and then actually taking action to see those ideas into fruition.