Top Modeling Agencies In Florida

Some of the best modeling agencies in Florida.

When you think of modeling in Florida, you are probably first drawn to the picture of commercial swimsuit advertisements on the beaches of Miami. Although Florida has a thriving scene of sun and sand, there is much more to the modeling industry outside the realms of South Beach. Whether you are considering breaking into commercial, editorial or even high fashion modeling, Florida has an array of options that you can consider when seeking talent representation.

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Even though Florida is a large state, it is an accessible area to seek out new opportunities for your modeling career. You can choose to contact agencies within your city or reference bigger talent agencies in the larger populated cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa or even Jacksonville. In this article, we will cover 10 modeling agencies you should know in Florida – discussing their geographical location, type of talent they represent and their focus in the industry.  Here is our list of modeling agencies you need to know in Florida.

Modeling Agencies In Florida

Over time, top modeling agencies began opening up locations in a wide variety of places. Today, top modeling agencies can be found in Florida, Texas, and California. With these sites, the modeling industry has been able to reach new talent and new heights. The collaboration of culture, technology, and design have truly propelled the fashion and modeling world forward.

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Today, models of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and gendered identities are able to start living their dreams. Social media platforms have helped some models reach the spotlight, while others get there big break from top modeling agencies. Read on to learn more about the top modeling agencies in Florida.

Top Modeling Agencies in Florida

1. Wilhelmina

Location: at the Mondrian, 1100 West Avenue Suite 326, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 672-9344

This agency was founded in 1967 by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper. Throughout time, Wilhelmina Models has earned its prestigious standing as it offers “full-spectrum model management for women, men, full-figured, fitness, and children models, as well as entertainers and musicians.”

2. Caroline Gleason Management

Location: 690 Lincoln Road, Suite 301 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 695-2731

CGM has its own in-house studio and technical staff. This agency specializes in Print, Television, and Movie Production

3. Next Management

Location: 1688 Meridian Ave, Suite 800, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 531 5100

Next Management was founded by Faith Kates & Joel Wilkenfeld and is known for discovering some of world’s most recognisable models. This agency manages fashion careers and has helped raise many forms of talent. Next Management also has locations in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Paris and London.

4. Elite Model Management

Location: 119 Washington Av, Suite 501, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Phone: (310) 274-9395

Elite New York City was founded in 1977 by John Casablancas. This agency redefined the industry by creating The Supermodel. “Elite has represented talents, such as Linda, Naomi, and Cindy to Gisele, Uma, and Iman to Janice, Heidi, and Cameron to Tyra, Stephanie, and Amber.”

5. MP Model Management

Location: 420 Lincoln Road, Suite 408, Miami Beach FL 33139

Phone: (305) 672-6342

MP Management is a global network of talent and modelling agencies and represents some of the top talent in the world. This agency represents top models, including: Marjan Jonkman, Arthur Gosse, Adonis Bosso, Gao Jie & Bar Rafaeli.

6. Posche Models

Location: 1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Suite 107, Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

Phone: (954) 524-2743

Posche models is an international agency that represents models for Runway, Catalog, Editorial, Lifestyle Print, and Fitness.

7. MC2 Model Management  

Location: 900 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 601B, Miami, FL 33132

Phone: (305) 672-8300

MC2 Model Management was founded in 2004. This agency believes in bringing realistic management to an environment in order to enhance the opportunities of those represented.

8. The Green Agency

Location: 800 West Ave. #523, Miami, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 532-9225

The Green Agency was founded in 1989 and has set “award winning standards with established Actors, Models, Children, Voice-Over Artists, Hosts and Influencers in both English and Spanish markets.”

9. Benz Models Talent Agency

Location: 2211 E. 7th AVE. Tampa, FL 33605


Phone: (813) 242.4400

Benz Models and Talent Agency was founded in 1998. This agency offers Print, Commercials, Infomercials, Film and Live Events. Benz Models offers their talent assistance locating photographers, cinematographers, production coordinators, makeup artists, and stylists.

10. Central Florida Talent

Location: 5400 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: (407) 370-2790

Central Florida Talent was founded in 1994 and provides clients with models and talent available to work any type of project. CFT is involved with Runway, Print, Commercials, and Feature Films.

Should You Seek Representation?

A question that many new and budding models ask themselves is whether they really need to seek the assistance and guidance of a talent representative. In the world of social media and influencers, the concept of modeling has been slightly redefined. Although, it may seem that bypassing the agency life is a viable option – it a decision that can only be made based on preference and personal experience.

Even though the landscape has shifted, agencies will always be a powerhouse and key player in the fashion and commercial industry. The main reason being that modeling agency have the resources, connections, and clout necessary to build and maintain the relationships in the industry. Although a capable and determined model can go far without an agent, there will always be a small gap when it comes to booking and landing certain jobs. Agencies have developed and instilled a sense of trust with their contacts and therefore generate a certain level of respect that is reflective of your agent’s reputation.

Before deciding to work with an agency, decide whether having a representative is the right move for you. If you are already landing jobs on your own – you may decide to put off the agency process for the moment. Yet, if you are struggling to reach the level of work you hope to achieve, it may be the best time to consider submitting your details to open agencies. Whichever you decide, it is important to remember that having an agent is truly dependent on the specific model, career intentions and willingness to work alongside someone else in the process of building and growing your career.

How to Decide Which Agency is For You

As a model seeking an agency to represent you and book you work, you need to consider several aspects before choosing your ideal agency. Each modeling agency is different in terms of types of models they represent as well as what kind of projects they place their talent within.  

You should begin with determining what kind of model and talent productions fit you best. This can be in the realms of fashion, editorial, commercial, print or even talent entities of TV and film. For example, if you are a model who may be slightly shorter, you will most likely seek opportunities within the commercial sector of modeling as opposed to high fashion runway.

Additionally, you will need to assess the range of talent an agency represents. Do they only focus on women, men or both? Is there an age requirement for those they scout? Do they accept plus size models? All of these are important factors to the makeup and competencies that an agency has and how they can effectively represent and work with you on your career.

Once you have determined a list of possible agencies, you will want to review their process for submission. This may include having to update your book with some new professional images or even having a comp card created for open casting calls.

In our current media and social landscape, it is obvious that the realm and industry of the modeling world is evolving and changing. With a number of models seeking to personally represent themselves or even take the status as an influencer – it can be said that traditional agencies have begun to see a transformation. Yet, even in such situations, talent representatives are still critically important entities in the business of modeling.

As a model, a representative will be in charge of your career – aiding in managing, building and expanding your reach across the platform of your choosing. An agency can guide you through the process of working with photographers, shooting new projects and eventually being booked for high profile, important campaigns. Furthermore, if you are also looking to work in the talent industry, such as an actor or actress in film, production and television – having an agent that understand the industry, requirements and regulations is key in furthering your success.

From our list of 10 modeling agencies in Florida, we have covered agencies located throughout the state – from the north to the east and west coast and to the south. Each agency is unique in the type of talent they represent as well as the classification of work and projects they become involved with. If you are looking for model and talent representation in Florida, we hoped this list gave you some insight into the potential opportunities within your state. For more modeling agencies in Florida you can read another one of our articles on this topic here.

Are you a model who is represented by an agency? Do you have any insight or personal stories to share about your experience working with a talent representative? Feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comments below.