10 Modeling Agencies to Know in Florida

These are the 10 modeling agencies to know in Florida.

When you think of modeling in Florida, you are probably first drawn to the picture of commercial swimsuit advertisements on the beaches of Miami. Although Florida has a thriving scene of sun and sand, there is much more to the modeling industry outside the realms of South Beach. Whether you are considering breaking into commercial, editorial or even high fashion modeling, Florida has an array of options that you can consider when seeking talent representation.

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Even though Florida is a large state, it is an accessible area to seek out new opportunities for your modeling career. You can choose to contact agencies within your city or reference bigger talent agencies in the larger populated cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa or even Jacksonville. In this article, we will cover 10 modeling agencies you should know in Florida, discussing their geographical location, type of talent they represent and their focus in the industry. Here is our list of modeling agencies you need to know in Florida.

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Should You Seek Representation?

A question that many new and budding models ask themselves is whether they really need to seek the assistance and guidance of a talent representative. In the world of social media and influencers, the concept of modeling has been slightly redefined. Although, it may seem that bypassing the agency life is a viable option, it a decision that can only be made based on preference and personal experience.

Even though the landscape has shifted, agencies will always be a powerhouse and key player in the fashion and commercial industry. The main reason being that modeling agencies have the resources, connections and clout necessary to build and maintain the relationships in the industry. Although a capable and determined model can go far without an agent, there will always be a small gap when it comes to booking and landing certain jobs. Agencies have developed and instilled a sense of trust with their contacts and therefore generate a certain level of respect that is reflective of your agent’s reputation.

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Before deciding to work with an agency, decide whether having a representative is the right move for you. If you are already landing jobs on your own, you may decide to put off the agency process for the moment. Yet, if you are struggling to reach the level of work you hope to achieve, it may be the best time to consider submitting your details to open agencies. Whichever you decide, it is important to remember that having an agent is truly dependent on the specific model, career intentions and willingness to work alongside someone else in the process of building and growing your career.

How to Decide Which Agency is For You

As a model seeking an agency to represent you and book you work, you need to consider several aspects before choosing your ideal agency. Each modeling agency is different in terms of types of models they represent as well as what kind of projects they place their talent within.  

You should begin with determining what kind of model and talent productions fit you best. This can be in the realms of fashion, editorial, commercial, print or even talent entities of TV and film. For example, if you are a model who may be slightly shorter, you will most likely seek opportunities within the commercial sector of modeling as opposed to high fashion runway.

Additionally, you will need to assess the range of talent an agency represents. Do they only focus on women, men or both? Is there an age requirement for those they scout? Do they accept plus size models? All of these are important factors to the makeup and competencies that an agency has and how they can effectively represent and work with you on your career.

Once you have determined a list of possible agencies, you will want to review their process for submission. This may include having to update your book with some new professional images or even having a comp card created for open casting calls.

Modeling Agencies in North Florida

Denise Carol Models

Located on Beach Blvd in Jacksonville, Denise Carol models have been working in the modeling industry for over 40 years. They pride themselves on being an agency with a highly positive track record in retaining clients and placing models. The founder and owner of the agency is Ashley Luxenberg who began her career at Denise Carole through modeling, teaching classes and assisting in the running of the studio. After opening up her own talent agency, she eventually purchased Denise Carole to continue to work with and develop upcoming models and professionals around Florida.

The agency of Denise Carole represents men, women, young boys, young girls, teenage boys, teenage girls, plus sized models, families, fitness models and babies. With their wide range of talent, they have created a diverse and reputable client base. Some of their clients include; Allstate, American Girl, Bealls, Colgate, Comcast, Disney, Eileen Fisher, Kohls, Mastercard, REI and many more. From their clientele, it is evident that the placement of their models and talent is primarily focused in the commercial, advertisement sector of the industry.

In order to apply to the agency and be considered for their roster, you will need to use the form found on their website. Included with your personal information, you will need to include your measurements — gender, hair color, eye color, height, shoe size, waist size — as well as four photographs, headshot, shoulders up, waist up and a full length.

The agency is an exclusive entity that represents individuals in Jacksonville and Orlando, so if you are already represented at another agency you cannot be accepted at Denise Carole. If you are interested in obtaining more information, you can contact them on their website here.

Premier Models and Talent

Another talent agency located in north florida, specifically headquartered in Jacksonville is Premier Models and Talent. As the only SAG-AFTRA agency in North Florida and Southern Georgia, the agency represents a slew of individuals in areas of modeling and acting. Additionally, the agency works with casting directors to work on projects for actors, hosts, voice overs, print and commercial talent.

The roster at Premier contains both men and women in the TV film industry, representing adults and children, commercial/print and voice over talent. Their previous work and client portfolio contains national commercials such as Dairy Queen, Cheerios, Hyatt, Home Depot, Disney and Target. For their film and television talent, they can be seen in productions such as TrainWreck, Homeland, NCIS, Orange is the New Black, the Walking Dead, Burn Notice and several more.

In order to seek representation with Premier, you will want to reference their requirements here and also consider contacting them through their website here.  

Modeling Agencies in Central Florida

Modern Muse

After Miami, Orlando is one of the largest populated cities within Florida. With a booming scene of production and casting, the modeling industry is a strong and viable option to consider when seeking representation. Modern Muse is a modeling agencies based in Orlando that represents men and women in the fashion and commercial sectors of the industry.

Their main talent can be found in both high fashion capacities as well as editorial spreads in local, state and national magazines. The agency is also home to a commercial, lifestyle aspect of the industry representing men, women and children.  Depending on which type of work you want to focus on, Modern Muse has suitable options for any kind of talent.

To be considered for the commercial sector of Modern Muse, you will need to contact their model scout/booking agent here. In regard to the fashion, editorial and print sector of the agency, you will need to send your digitals with measurements, age and a short excerpt about yourself to be considered. To reference the requirements, you can read more about their recruiting process on their website here.

BMG Models

Another modeling agency located in the Central Florida, Orlando area is BMG. BMG represents women, men, kids and teens in the fashion and commercial sectors. BMG is a national talent agency with agencies all over the country in Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, New York and even contains international representation.

The agency begin in 1992 and currently represents over 1400 individuals working globally. As they continue to grow their presence within the United States, BMG Model and Talent also places models in the international sectors of Asia, Milan and London.

For the Orlando branch of BMG, the agency holds model open calls on Thursdays from 2 to 4 PM. You must be 15 years or older and there are height requirements for both women and men. Women should be between 5’9” and 5’11” in height, while men should be between 5’11” and 6’3”. For the open call, you should bring a portfolio of your book in either electronic and printed form, a comp card and if you do not have these pieces, you can bring 2-3 snapshots.

For dressing, women should wear black or blue dark jeans, a neutral colored top, black or nude heels, have clean hair and natural makeup. Men should wear dark blue jeans and a neutral colored t-shirt.  

BMG also represents plus sized models who are between 5’9” and 5’11” and size 12-14. For kid and teen talent, you can submit your information online and attend a casting call when hosted by the agency. BMG also accepts actors on their roster and these submissions can be done through their online form. For more information regarding the scouting process at BMG, you can find more details on their website here.

Modeling Agencies on the East Coast

Posche Models

Posche Models is a full service modeling agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With over 15 years of experience, the agency has presence in South Florida, New York City and Asia (Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, China, Singapore, Tokyo, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Mumbai). The agency places talent in the areas of editorial, runway, print, catalog, swim/sport and lifestyle projects.

In addition to their modeling division, Posche’s talent division in Florida represents kids and adults for both Union and Non-Union projects.  

To be considered for potential scouting, you can access their submission form online here. The details include personal information, model measurements and sizes as well as picture submissions – face, full length front, ¾ (waist to head) and a side profile image.

Boca Talent and Model Agency

Another modeling agency located on the east coast of Florida is Boca Talent and Model Agency, Inc. This agency is a entity that offers dual representation of individuals in the TV/Film and fashion industries. For TV/Film productions, the agency has a roster that consists of women, men and children, while their fashion division is solely for women and men.

Operating in Florida since 1972, the agency prides itself on working with talent of all ages and experience levels. Some of their clientele includes, Disney, T-Mobile, AT&T, Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, Coca Cola and Walgreens. Additionally, for TV shows and films, their talent has been seen on Burn Notice, Magic City, Charlie’s Angels and One Tree Hill to name a few.

In order to be considered by the agency, you will need to submit your information and measurements via their online form here and including which industry you hope to be placed into whether that be film, TV, commercial, fashion, promotions, trade shows or voice over opportunities.

Modeling Agencies on the West Coast

Alexa Models

Although you may assume that the east coast is the primary base for Florida modeling agencies, the west coast of the state is also home to some strong and reputable talent. Alexa Models, located in Tampa, was first established as a fashion agency. It was focused on placing models locally as well as in thriving markets of New York, Paris, Tokyo, South Africa, Germany, Chicago and LA. The agency currently not only books models in the fashion arena, but has expanded to include lifestyle models and children. Additionally, the agency also offers television and film talent representation.

For its current roster of talent, Alexa manages women and men in fashion, lifestyle for women and men, photographers, as well as hair and makeup artists. Their models have been featured in spreads such as Ralph Lauren and Footwear Plus.

To be considered for scouting and submission into the agency, you will need to fill out their online form here.

Benz Models Talent Agency

Another west coast modeling agency is Benz Models located in Tampa Bay. Benz is the largest agency in Florida and books their talent worldwide. Their roster includes models and actors for print, commercials, infomercials, film and live events. Additionally, the agency has a production component in which they can curate photographers, cinematographers, production coordinators, makeup artists and stylists for projects.

The agency has a wide array of models, actors, hosts and voice over talent. Their models are both men and women focused in either the lifestyle or fashion sector. Their actors and hosts work in the commercial industries and their voice over talent are involved in projects in the commercial, narration or character space. To be considered for submission to the agency, you will need to consult their requirements and information found on their website here.

Modeling Agencies in South Florida

Elite Model Management

Considering the international reputation and influence found in Miami, the south beach area of Florida is home to some of the biggest agencies that represent talent both nationally and globally. Elite Model Management is an agency that has been around since the conception of the “SuperModel.” With big names on their roster over the years such as Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, the agency is known for recruiting, managing and growing the careers of their talented models.

Elite has several offices in the North America region in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and several independent entities located across the world. Elite’s reputation is expansive with their talent being featured in high profile campaigns for major fashion brands and significant editorial covers. Elite is a modeling agency that solely represents women models and divides their talent into three categories based on experience in the industry: mainboard, development and direct women.

To submit your information to Elite in Miami you can find their process on their website here. The agency also holds open casting calls every Wednesday from 2-3 PM. Those interested must be 5’7 – 5’10, at least 15 years of age and bring with them their professional images. If you choose to submit online, you will need to include personal information, measurements and images.  

Front Management

Our final agency on the list is Front Management located in Miami. With over a decade of experience, Front focuses on representing international models and new faces in the industry. Front has a roster of fashion women, men, plus size, big & tall, children, talent (such as for film/TV) and celebrities. The agency is renowned and has a client list that includes, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Miu Miu and L’Oreal to name a few. Additionally, their models can be seen in publications such as Cosmo, Glamour, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Another component of their agency that expands outside the traditional sphere of model representation is their roster of influencers. This pillar of their agency is focused on managing the careers of models and individuals who have a large and prevalent social following.

To join the agency, you can choose to attend an open call offered every Wednesday from 3-4 PM or submit your information via their online portal here. In either case, you will need to bring several photographs with you for consideration. These should not be professionally taken or edited, they should be in front of a plain background and outside with natural light and should include an image of the model in a swimsuit with no-makeup and hair pulled back into a ponytail.

To learn more about the work and process of working with Front Management, you can find their contact information here.

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In our current media and social landscape, it is obvious that the realm and industry of the modeling world is evolving and changing. With a number of models seeking to personally represent themselves or even take the status as an influencer – it can be said that traditional agencies have begun to see a transformation. Yet, even in such situations talent representatives are still critically important entities in the business of modeling.

As a model, a representative will be in charge of your career — aiding in managing, building and expanding your reach across the platform of your choosing. An agency can guide you through the process of working with photographers, shooting new projects and eventually being booked for high profile, important campaigns. Furthermore, if you are also looking to work in the talent industry, such as an actor or actress in film, production and television, having an agent that understand the industry, requirements and regulations is key in furthering your success.

From our list of 10 modeling agencies in Florida, we have covered agencies located throughout the state from the north to the east and west coast and to the south. Each agency is unique in the type of talent they represent as well as the classification of work and projects they become involved with. If you are looking for model and talent representation in Florida, we hoped this list gave you some insight into the potential opportunities within your state. For more modeling agencies in Florida you can read another one of our articles on this topic here.