Why Analog Is Not Dead — Our Favorite Photography Magazines

Why Analog is Not Dead — Our Favorite Photography Magazines
Mia Domenico

In a digital photography world, the analog process of shooting film is often seen as a relic of the past.

Yet, although we may be experiencing a collective shift toward a more technologically infused creative industry, many artists still maintain an unrelenting passion and dedication to the film techniques that essentially built the medium of photography.

In order to keep the art of film photography alive, creators have been holding strong to the idea that “Film is Not Dead.” In an attempt to showcase the photographers and visual storytellers still using film to create captivating imagery, there have been multiple photography magazines created that consist only of images shot on film.

To show you that Analog is Not Dead, we have compiled a list of our favorite photography magazines that are keeping the beauty of film alive. Whether you are a film photographer seeking a publication to submit your work or truly just drawn to the analog aesthetic, these are the photography magazines you need to know.

Teeth Magazine

Teeth Magazine is an online and print publication that publishes film photography editorials as well as covering topics of music, art, culture and travel.

According to their website, “Featuring talents from an international spectrum, Teeth’s online and print platforms present a visually-striking amalgamation of crisp color tones, structured lighting and shadows, organic colors and textures and a provocative, minimalistic aesthetic. Each work highlights thematic artistry, bringing an unsurpassable degree of raw intimacy and honest into fashion and style media.”

The film only photography magazine has currently released their seventh issue titled, Alone with You.

You can check out more of Teeth’s work here.

Pylot Magazine

Pylot Magazine is a biannual publication and an online platform that is produced and created by Pylot Collective.

According to their website, “The magazine showcases fashion and fine art photography, with all content being shot on film. We believe that analogue processes allow us to slow down, which brings new weight to our choices and leaves us more open to chance.”

The magazine is also dedicated to not engaging in any beauty retouching that will enhance a model’s skin or body shape.

The magazine has published 9 issues, with its current issue being focused on “How To.” Previous issues have covered topics such as Autonomy, the Do or Die, Perspective, Excess, Influence, Status Quo, Family and Craft.

To check out more of Pylot and read about their submission process, you can visit their website here.

Uncertain Magazine 

Uncertain Magazine is a contemporary analog photography magazine founded in November of 2017.

It is an independent publication that showcases film photographers, interviews bands and documents music festivals.

According to their website, “Our vision is to grow into a community that aims to initiate exchange, dialogue, diverse projects and ideas. Witness the revival of analog photography, the goal is to help promote the movement gathering inspiring artists and not only showcasing their work, but also encourage them to create, alone or together with other artists.”

The name of uncertain came from the “certain feeling of uncertainty when you shoot on film. It is about the feeling that comes to you when you create something.”

The magazine has currently published 4 online issues.

To check out their work and read more about submitting to Uncertain, you can reference their website here. 


C41 is a visual art magazine that is based in Milan. They feature topics on lifestyle, fashion, design, the outdoors and creative communities.

The name C41 comes from the chromogenic color print film developing process. It is the most popular film process in use.

The magazine has stock lists in stores all over the world and has currently produced 7 issues. Their latest issue is titled, “Bellissimo.”

To read more about their publication and guidelines for submitting your work, you can reference their website here.

She Shoots Film 

She Shoots Film is an Australian, independent publication of film photography and words by women.

The magazine, “encourages, supports and draws attention to emerging and seasoned film photographers that make with a woman’s eye.”

The magazine has currently published three issues; Self Portrait, Mother and Metamorphosis.

Each issue features the film photography interviews, personal essays and reflections from their creative community.

You can read more about the magazine here.

The Fix 

The Fix is an analogue, online photography magazine.

The magazine is for anyone who is interested in photography and aims to inspire, help and promote the use of the analogue process. They feature photography news from the film world and information about exhibitions and events.

The publication also features camera and film reviews to help photographers understand which equipment may be best for them. They also cover album and book reviews.

They are currently on issue #17.

To submit to the magazine, you can read more about their contributor guidelines here. 

Polaroid Originals Magazine 

The Polaroid Originals magazine is focused on sharing stories and visual art created with the use of instant film.

The magazine features community insight, inspiration, tips, editorial stories and an array of cultural and documentary events.

Some examples of the content published by the magazine include:

  • Migrate: Exploring the Refugee Crisis with UNICEF’s NEXTgen in Polaroid Photos.
  • Backstage at the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin.
  • Seeing Double at Fashion Week.
  • Pooneh Ghana’s Intimate Polaroid Music Photography.

The magazine is curated by the Polaroid team and therefore features stories selected by them for their community.

To read more stories shot on instant film, you can check out their website here.

As you can see, the dedication to film photography prevails with the curation of these analog focused publications. Featuring works by established and upcoming photographers as well as stories in the industries of fashion, music and art – these photography magazines are fully immersed in the creative world.

Whether you are looking to submit your film photography work or building an idea for your next shoot, be sure to reference these magazines for endless analog inspiration.