10 Awesome Photography Blogs You Need To Know

10 Awesome Photography Blogs You Need to Know
Mikayla Mallek

Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate or professional photographer, constantly learning about the industry and developing your creative skills is key. In our current landscape, new and innovative technology is being created every day, the number of artists and creatives are rapidly growing and the methods and techniques of photography are constantly changing.

In order to provide insight and valuable information to the photography field, several successful blogs have been established covering everything you need to know about the craft. From gear reviews to creative features to how-to tutorials, there is an abundance of information for creatives to discover.

To ignite your passion and visual eye, we have accumulated our 10 favorite photography blogs perfect for every photographer.

Here are the top 10 awesome photography blogs you can read right now.

1. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is a successful online photography blog with content that is aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers and creative professionals.

It was founded in 2010 by Patrick Hall and Lee Morris and has developed into one of the “top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes and industry news.”

Fstoppers has an impressive readership with a reach of 1.5 million photographers and around 6 million page views per month.

The blog features articles and tutorials that cover photographer’s personal experiences, comparisons of creative content and tech reviews on the latest gear.

2. Peta Pixel

Peta Pixel is a photography blog that was established in 2009. According to their website, “PetaPixel is the leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. We love photography and we want to see others love it too. Our goal is to inform, educate and inspire in all things photography related.”

The blog features editorial content on photography news, gear and equipment recommendations and reviews and tutorials. The blog also has a section titled inspiration which showcases photographers’ personal work and challenges that inspire their readers to expand their visual skills.

3. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer is a blog on the psychology of creative photography. It offers reviews, tips, tutorials, photographer experiences and news from a lifestyle point of view.

According to their website, “The site explores the photography world and pop culture’s effects on the art form.”

The blog features work by various styles of photographers with articles such as:

  • Adam Miller Shoots Street Photography With Flash in NYC’s Blizzards
  • Salvatore Matarazzo Puts the Spotlight on Smokers in the Streets

Additional content covers the business of photography, shooting film and learning how to pose your subject.

4. Photo Focus

Photo Focus is an online resource that provides education and inspiration for visual storytellers.

According to their website, “Our goal is to assist in your success as an artist. Photo Focus only provides content from the most accomplished photographers, unique artists and recognized business leaders in the photo industry.”

The blog partners with vendors in the photography space to provide their readers with tools, gear, reviews, tutorials and podcasts to help them develop their skills and further their understanding of the craft.

The content featured on Photo Focus consists of product reviews, gear guides, photography news, business advice and photography inspiration.

5. Feature Shoot 

Feature Shoot is an online resource for showcasing the work of international emerging and established photographers.

According to their website, “We believe that photography is a powerful mode of storytelling and share works that have a strong narrative vision.”

The blog was established in 2008 by Alison Zavos and now has a current archive of over 4,000 posts of photography from around the world.

The content on Feature Shoot consists of daily photographic series, interviews with artists, themed group shows and reviews of current exhibitions. The publication covers various niches of photography including travel, fashion and documentary work.

6. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School was founded by Darren Rowse, a digital photography enthusiast, who created the site to help photographers fully understand their cameras.

It is one of the most popular and longest running photography blogs on the web since 2006. The team is currently worldwide and writes for a community of over 2 million readers.

The blog is dedicated to helping photographers improve their photography by offering tips and techniques. The topics covered on the blog include photo tips, gear, post-processing and curated courses and ebooks.

7. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is a stock imagery website that features a blog on artists, inspirations, tips and ideas.

The blog consists of content related to news, events, interviews, photography, design, business and marketing and photo collections.

This is not only a blog dedicated to photographers, but to any type of creative or artist looking to build their knowledge, skills and seek inspiration within their industry.

Some of the articles featured on DepositPhotos include:

  • How to Use Stock Photos to Create a Cost Effective Campaign
  • What It Takes to Build a Social Media Presence in 2019
  • Visual Trends of 2019

8. Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review is a blog that covers expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories and phones.

The blog was founded in 1997 and has grown to include features that include a digital camera database, timeline, forum, image sample galleries, reviews, videos and photo challenges.

According to their website, “Digital Photography Review’s mission is to provide the most authoritative coverage of digital photography gear in the world, including news, articles and expert reviews. We provide an open, active forum and useful tools for our community.”

On the blog you can find additional content such as buying guides, articles on videos, cameras, lenses, phones and even printers.

9. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer is a print publication with a successful and informative online blog.

It is a source that is “dedicated to exploring nature’s most fascinating landscapes and wildlife, featuring columnists and contributors who are among the most celebrated names in the field, along with the equipment and techniques for enthusiasts and pros seeking to master the art.”

On the blog, their content includes on location feature stories, photography gear reviews, tips and techniques, pro perspectives from photographers, featured galleries and photography contests that you can enter.

10. Photo Shelter 

PhotoShelter is a website builder for photographers that features a blog on photo industry news, resources and opinions.

Categories covered on their blog include; business, pricing, gear, inspiration, marketing and tags such as #ILovePhoto and Who Shot It Better.

The blog also offers free guides for photographers such as, the photographer’s guide to photo contests, workshops and how to license your photos for social media.

Articles that have been featured on Photo Shelter’s blog include:

  • How “Women Photograph” Created a Different Year in Photos
  • The Voting Selfie as Social Proof
  • Pro Photographers Should Pay Attention to the Google Pixel 3

As you can see, these 10 awesome photography blogs cover every inch of this creative industry. From tech reviews to inspiration ideas and features on the work of professional photographers, these online publications give all levels of photographers a space to learn and expand their outlook on visual art.