7 Fashion Magazines Where You Can Submit Your Work

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One of the most effective ways to enhance and further your photography career is to have your work published. In the fashion photography niche, magazine submission opportunities are often the best way to start building your body of printed material.

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Submitting to a fashion magazine requires you to create an editorial. The process of developing an editorial requires you as the photographer to source a creative team. This includes working with a model, makeup artist and stylist to bring your vision to life.

Once you have your team on board and an idea in mind – you can shoot your project. It is important to note that some magazines allow you to pitch your idea with a mood board before the production happens. Yet, others require to see the finished project before accepting it for publication. Therefore, you need to understand what the magazine’s process is prior to submitting your images for consideration.

So, if you’re a fashion photographer – are you ready to take the next editorial step and have your work published?

Then, you need to check out these 7 online and print fashion magazines where you can submit your images right now:

Lucy’s Magazine

Lucy’s Magazine

Lucy’s Magazine is an online and print fashion magazine.

Their submission process includes the option of submitting for Editorial Print or Online Webitorials.

For Print, you will need to include 6-20 images with approximately 6-10 looks. For Web features, you will need to include 6-20 images with 4-10 looks. You will send completed editorials to them and they must be unpublished and exclusive at the time of submission.

For sending your magazine submission, reference their email – submissions@lucysmagazine.com

Contributor Magazine

The Contributor Magazine

Contributor Magazine is a creative digital platform. They offer both print and online features in the magazine.

For submitting to the magazine, you will need to send your materials to info@contributormagazine.com

According to their website, they do not have any specific look requirements. Yet, it is best to reference their editorial work and overall style of the publication before submitting.

ONE Magazine

One Mag

One Magazine is an online publication based in New York City.

They publish editorials from up and coming, new talent as well as established photographers.

They are currently accepting online submissions to the magazine through Kavyar. One Magazine requires 7-24 images that align with their publication’s mood and theme. Editorials should be complete and they only accept womenswear submissions.

For contacting ONE, you can reference their email here – info.onemag@gmail.com

Promo Magazine

Promo Magazine is a publication dedicated to high fashion and is based in New York City.

For Promo, you can choose to submit your work to their:

Since, each category is different – it is best to browse each to see which one best suits your photography style and vision.

For any questions regarding the submission process, you can contact them through their website here. 

Jute Magazine

Jute Magazine is an online fashion publication.

They accept full editorials to be featured on their website. To submit, you will need to fill out their form through the Kavyar platform.

They require 6-20 images with 5 looks for beauty and 6 looks for fashion. The submissions are on going and have no specific theme, but they do preference editorials that are in season.

For more information on submitting to Jute, you can email them at info@jutefashionmagazine.com

Atlas Magazine 

Atlas Magazine

The Atlas Magazine is a submissions based fashion publication.

They are a digital only publication that releases 4 issues per year. Each issue has a theme and a deadline for submission. They also accept submissions for their Webitorial features.

They do not offer specific guidelines for the number of images or fashion looks, but you can read a full breakdown of how to submit on their website here. 

For any and all inquires about submitting to Atlas, you can reach them at their email – info@theatlasmagazine.com

Flannel Magazine

Flanelle Magazine

Flanelle Magazine is a fashion magazine that accepts online editorial submissions.

For their editorials they require 6-8 photos, unpublished and exclusivity and full team credits. You can read more about the submission process here. 

Flanelle also has a Print Photo series submission option that requires 8 to 15 images that align with their print theme.

To contact Flanelle, refer to their email here – info@flanellemag.com

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So, as you can see, these are 7 of the top fashion magazines that accept submissions and offer online and print features for your creative editorials. Take a look at their style and theme, to find which one best suits your next fashion photography project.