How To Start A Successful Blog (And Make $$!)

Building your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter following are all essential, but linking your work to your website is an amazing way to show a complete body of your work and greaten your potential to work with brands and companies for sponsorships. By creating a blog you’re also able to gain more followers, views to your website, get people excited for your new content and bringing in a new way to work with other creators.

Come up with a clever name: The first step in creating a blog is obviously the name. You need something that matches who you are as a person, while giving a description as to what you will be blogging about. Make sure it shows aspects of your personality that are very unique to you and will not appear on other websites, so it’s easily searchable on Google and other search platforms.

Find a platform that works for you: Blogs can be separate or part of your blog. Models have their blog oftentimes separate from their modeling work because it does not correspond to what they are posting for modeling, for example if you’re a model but love food you may make a seperate website for your blog, rather than having it on your actual modeling website. Some good platforms to use for blogging include: Squarespace, Weebly, Blogger, WordPress and Medium. If yourmodeling brand is properly reflected in your blog, I would recommend adding a blog page to your website so people can see you update your website frequently. By linking your blog to your website you’re also expanding the opportunity to have more people see your modeling work and reach out to you for more bookings, since everything will be all on one website.

Post consistently: Decide how often you will be posting and stick to a schedule. Keep track of times and days you have the highest engagement on other social media platforms and post based on the engagement. Make sure you’re able to keep up with that posting schedule, so if you’re not on social media that much, posting once a week or once every other week may be the best option for you. As long as you’re posting in a consistent manner, you’re able to generate a reliable amount of people coming to your website and reading your content.

Include photos, but also words: I used to post only photo series, but by posting articles you’ve written, interviews, or your experiences on that specific photo series, you’re giving more unique content for viewers to consume that will keep them on your blog longer and give them new things each time they come back to your blog to read. Not only will your writings make your blog more interesting to come back to, but it will also give more content to boost your website on google. Using specific words and phrases in your blog post will boost your SEO on your website so more people could potentially see it if they’re searching for models in their area.

Submit to companies: So, now that you’ve had your blog up for a bit and you’re getting consistent viewers, it’s time to submit to companies. In order to submit to companies you have to have a tracker of how many views your website gets per week and per month, along with specific statistics on your demographic. Many companies, especially larger companies, will ask for details as to see if it’s profitable for them to work with you. When you’re starting out your blog, reaching out to smaller and local companies will help you build up your brand and gain you more views, thus leading to bigger brand opportunities. Once you have a consistent number of people on your website, reach out to larger brands that will work with the previous content on your website, for example if you are posting work with high-end fashion brands, it may not be the best move to partner with clothing companies such as Zaful.

At the end of the day, your blog is an extension of your desired content you want to share with the world. If you don’t enjoy blogging, you won’t do it so make sure it’s something that is easily maintainable for you and will enhance your brand.

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