If You Don’t Understand What “H” is, This is the Article for You

what is H
Photo by Zachary Leung

Summary For Readers: H is a community of creators. We connect creators to each other and to brands.

A few years ago, H launched a digital platform. It’s called The Hub. The Hub is a series of tools that help creators.

  • There’s a search feature to find creators like you
  • A messaging feature to communicate with them
  • A critique feature to help you improve your work
  • A collaborate feature to help you host events and shoots
  • A blog to help you read and watch awesome, inspirational content
  • An app you can download right now to use H on the go

Most excitingly, we recently our brand partners to the platform, so our creators can get paid work with quality, hand-picked brands.

So, what’s next for H?

Even more job for creators & hand picked professional talent for brands.

We are called “H”. 

H is a symbol for “connection”. It’s literally the shape of two isolated creators (“I”) collaborating (“H”).

Did I just blow your mind?

In a world filled with Detox Teas and Fyre Festivals, real, honest “connection” is the only thing that matters and the saddest part?

It’s getting harder and harder to find. Take a second. Be honest with yourself.

You’ve noticed things are changing. And you miss how simple things used to be – creating awesome stuff with people you loved. People call us Hinfluencer or Hi Influencer but those people are stupid. In fact, we are taking the word “Influencer” out of our name completely. Why?

The World of Influencer Marketing is a Mess and We Hate It

“Influencer Marketing” used to be a really simple concept: brands paying passionate creators (with large followings) to endorse products that they already love. Lately, it’s turned into shitty, disingenuous bloggers talking about Diet Detox Tea.

Influencer Marketing works because followers trust the opinion of the influencers they follow. If influencers violate this trust by endorsing shitty products they don’t believe in, followers won’t buy the products anymore.

If followers don’t buy the product, then the brand doesn’t pay the influencer as much the next time. And, the brand doesn’t pay the influencer as much the next time, so the influencer has to do more posts to make the same amount of money.

Plus, the more posts they do, the more trust they lose. It’s a death spiral and it sucks.

We are Building The Solution

“The only way out is in”. If your mom used to say that to you, she was a smart lady. What do we mean by that? The more we connect with each other and create real, meaningful content that matters to us, the stronger we each become: as creators, as “influencers” and, most importantly as people.

The Hub is a platform that connects creators authentically. It encourages collaboration and soon we will add dozens of brands that we have carefully vetted (sneak peak: Detox Tea, Bootay Bag, and Daniel Wellington will not be attending the party).

We Need Your Help

There are a million platforms out there. We will win because we care about creators more than we care about brands. And, because we do not have “Insta” in our name or Detox Tea on our platform. We will help you because we ARE you.

If you would like to help us back, use the platform. Tell us what you like, tell us what you hate. Is it helping you? How can we make it better? Tell your friends about us and help get every creative person you know onto the platform.

So, the more people that are using the platform, the more useful it will be. Also, the more people using the platform, the more brands will want to get involved which means more work (and $$) for YOU.

Want To Have Your Image Made Into An H Campaign Poster?

  1. Collaborate with another member on The Hub!
  2. Post a photo from the collaboration using the hashtag #Hcollective and tagging @H_Collective
  3. Send a screenshot of the photo to James Cole on TheHHub.com in a message.

In fact, anyone who sends their screenshot to James will get their image input into the campaign poster.

Connect with us @h_collective