What We Look For In Our Community Members

community members
James Cole

Having an exclusive community is an oxymoron; like “jumbo shrimp” or “microsoft works”. A community should definitely be inclusive. That’s why we’ve created H, a platform for community members like no other.

So why is our platform gated? Why do we turn people away? What do we look for in applicants? What if I am not an influencer yet?

These are all great questions that I get nearly every day. So, once and for all, let me set the record straight and slash some myths about our platform.

The Real Deal About Our Community Members

Our company is called H Influencer.

Our company is called H. We are called “H” because “H” is the shape of two creators joining together as one. “The Hub” is H’s platform designed to connect creators (at first, to each other, and soon, to brands).

We are a platform of Influencers.

We are a platform of Creators. When we screen for new members, we look at the quality of their work and their passion for their craft (photography, modeling, videography etc.)

In fact, the “median” user on the Hub has 1,600 followers. In English: tens of thousands of our members have less than 2,000 followers on Instagram (read: not influencers).

Follow count plays a huge role in whether or not you get into the Hub.

Passion is the only thing that matters.

If your feed shows “intent” and you aspire to be a better photographer or model or videographer, or make up artist, you will be accepted. If your feed lacks passion / commitment to your craft, you will be rejected.

Again, thousands of members on our platform have less followers than you do. I guarantee it.

Have We Made Our Point Yet?

Influencer Marketing is good for creators.

Influencer Marketing seems great for creators. It puts money in their pockets and lets them travel the world.

The problem is crappy platforms like “influence.co” connect creators with brands like “diet detox tea” for dramatically underpriced endorsements of dramatically shitty products. T

his helps no one. By creating a platform filled with quality creators and giving only the best, and most quality focused, brands access to the platform, we assure that we are never facilitating less-than-stellar posts.

We are the only “platform” that connects creators to brands.

There are 450 platforms that connect creators to brands.

Four hundred and fifty. None of them allow creators to connect to each other. Not a single one.

If you sign up on “tapinfluence.com, for example, your account sits there, untouched until a brand like “bootybag” decides to tap you on the shoulder and offer you $42 for fourteen posts.

Until that glorious day, the platform is of no use to you, and you are of no use to it. We aim to be different.

So, we believe in connectivity, and organic creation.

And, we live for those together moments – like standing on a mountaintop, shooting with 20 strangers, yet strangely feeling at home.

If we only let in top notch, passionate creators, each creator on the platform can be assured that to their right and to their left are other creators who they respect and would like to collaborate with.

Hope that helps. If you ever have any questions, contact me at james@hinfluencercollective.com

And, reach out on social at @h_collective