Get Ready For Paid Gigs With H’s New Features

Read About The Hub's New Features and Get Ready For Paid Gigs

The Hub platform has been updated and is better than ever! Here’s what we’ve added and changed.

H Agency

Say hello to H Agency.

We have showcased all of the case studies that Hub creators all over the country have worked on for major brands. With a collective of 70 creators and over $20k spent, these jobs have been booked through the H Job Board. We have creators all over the country buzzing about the delicious Rise Brewing Co. and two incredible jewelry brands, Carolee and Alexis Bittar.

H Marketplace

We’ve updated our curated lists.

This is where brands can find creators quicker than ever. Our marketplace is soft access for brands to get an inside view of what they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the “10 Androgynous Male Models Who Are Redefining Gender Norms In The Fashion Industry” or the Best Wedding Photographers, you’ll find them here.

Do you know a brand that could benefit with our services? Email Brendan (, and you’ll be paid for an introduction with a brand if you get them to sign up through H!

H Job Board

Want to get paid doing what you love?

You can sign up for our app as a brand or as a creator – a model, a photographer, a videographer, a makeup artist, or a stylist – and link your Instagram to create your account and input your skills and demographics to showcase on your profile. 

Our app is the best place for creators and brands alike.

Are you ready to get started?