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On A Scale Of 1-3, How Good Is Your Content?

Earlier today we launched an entirely new version of our platform – The Hub is now faster, sleeker, and more secure. Among other things, we added a ‘User Rating’ to the interface. Though this ‘User Rating’ is new to our Creators and Companies, we have been using User Ratings internally to power our Search for […]

Our World Is Changing: 7 Bold Predictions You Need To Know

My name is James Cole, and I started a company called The Hub. The Hub connects 35,000 photographers, models, and videographers to brands across the world. Brands work with our creators to create content at scale, and our creators help spread the word about their products from their social platforms. The Hub is young, and […]

The Biggest Campaign Of Your Career: Mondetta Originals

One of our favorite clients is Mondetta Originals. The reason that they are our one favorites is that they have successfully built an entire brand and look around inclusion, acceptance, and diversity. You can see our recent campaign for them featuring 35 creators from our community HERE. We want to help them spread their message by including […]

The Recommendation Revolution

If you like this article, would you want to immediately read another just like it? What about five more? Fifteen more? What if posts like this one were all you got in your newsfeed, your email newsletters, your little “recommended articles” box? Would you be excited to keep on reading my thoughts about how the […]

The Creative World is Decentralizing and We Have a Front-row Seat

The creative world is coming apart, and to be honest, it’s for the best. The Mad Men days of wood-paneled conference rooms full of the same dozen chain-smoking creatives dreaming up every ad campaign are long gone. I should know: I spent three years at one of the largest firms on Madison Ave, watching from […]

What Has H Been Up To?

These past few months, H has been quiet. But, if anything, it’s because we are gaining focus. Gaining momentum. So let me break the silence and reveal a bit of what we have been working on. First, explain as I may, there always seems to be an air of mystery around H. What does H […]

Creators First, No Matter What

The French have a great expression: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more that changes, the more stays the same). Over the past eighteen months, H has changed more than I could have possibly imagined – from a creative agency to a tech platform, from my kitchen table to an office in […]

How H Collective is Starting A ‘Slow Content Movement’

We have seen the future of influencer marketing in a bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese. It was easy, once we knew where to look. When I was a kid we were served food that was simple, convenient and affordable. Why waste time and money on something “free range” when your kid prefers chicken nuggets […]

H Collective’s #MetOnTheHub Case Study

There are over four hundred and fifty platforms that connect influencers to brands. Companies like InstaBrand, Influence.Co, TapInfluence, Revfluence, Influicity. The name-generator that spat out their comically similar names seems to also have built their websites, which all tout “the best influencers” and “higher ROI than any other digital marketing tactic”. Let’s give our insipid competitors […]


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