James Cole

The Artist and The Neurotic

In Professional Bull Riding the objective is for a (human) rider to stay seated atop an angry, spinning, bull. Each “round” ends when the rider is either A) spectacularly bucked to the…

What Has H Been Up To?

What Has H Been Up To?

These past few months, H has been quiet. But, if anything, it’s because we are gaining focus. Gaining momentum. So let me break the silence and reveal a bit of what we…

Creators First

Creators First, No Matter What

The French have a great expression: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more that changes, the more stays the same). Over the past eighteen months, H has changed more…

good enough

Good Enough, Not Good Enough

A few years ago, I started a company called H. The dirty secret of entrepreneurship is that, beneath the Kickstarter campaigns and the fancy valuations, it gets very, very lonely. Through the…

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