What Has H Been Up To?

What Has H Been Up To?
What Has H Been Up To? | Photo by Michelle Terris

These past few months, H has been quiet. But, if anything, it’s because we are gaining focus. Gaining momentum. So let me break the silence and reveal a bit of what we have been working on.

What’s Going On At H?

First, explain as I may, there always seems to be an air of mystery around H. What does H stand for? What, exactly do you do? So let’s sync on that first, we aren’t that mysterious.

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H is a community of photographers, models, videographers, stylists and makeup artists. It’s a culture, a way of thinking, a community held together by our shared passion for creating.

We rely on you, our passionate members, to help shape and grow our company because, truthfully, we are a tiny team (just ten people, scattered throughout the country). We are you. Creators, wishers, dreamers. Young people, with a vision for how creativity, connection, and brand work should exist, working as hard as we can to bring it into being.

H has a software platform called The Hub. It’s a website, TheHHub.com, and an app. The website does two things: it helps creators easily find other creators AND very slowly, we are adding brand partners who use the Hub to find the best creators for their campaigns.

Already we have “beta” partners who are testing out the software and matching with creators; brands like Peerspace  Thought CatalogL. and  Abercrombie.

H is called “H” because we are obsessed with connection. Photographers connecting with models. Brands connecting with creators. Creators connecting with their passion. “H” is the shape of two “I”s connecting in the middle. It’s a symbol. Did I just blow your mind?

We’re About Quality

H is also obsessed with quality. We only allow 30% of creators who apply to join the Hub and will only show 5% of our creators to brands. Only the most passionate, most creative, most active and highest ranked creators (more on this later) will be pulled to the “top”. Why?

We want to attract the best brands. Brands that put passion, creativity and quality above all else – brands like Detox Tea, and Bootay Bag, and… just kidding, we’d rather ram a selfie stick into our eye socket. The Hub is about getting the best brands working with the best creators to redefine the creative landscape. Simple.

H is just starting to make money. For the past two years we have taken a huge “bet”, that this creative community that we are building will be the best, most active and interconnected, creative community on the planet, and, once it is, brands (and their $$) will come a knockin’.

The money that’s needed to pay our employees, host trips and events, make swag comes from four investors who believe in us. For H to have a future, we must shift the creative engine we have built into gear.

Once we are satisfied with our Brand Tab beta (which will require getting tons of feedback from early brand partners and creators who want to beta test) we will release the tab to our entire community – allowing quality obsessed brands and our most talented creators to have access. Then and only then will we make meaningful money. We anticipate that this will happy at the end of the summer (in three, or four months).

The Hub will always be free for creators so we can attract anyone, anywhere, no matter what. Brands, however, will pay a monthly subscription to have access to the best creators easily. This way, The Hub will become a perfectly organized database of the most connected, passionate, and talented creators on the planet. A vetted creator army, deployable at the touch of a button.

In the meantime, creators can continue using the Hub to connect with other creators using our site or our new app (which has straight ***** reviews on the app store).

And, when the summer ends, our best creators will have access to new jobs from top brands daily. Our goal is to make it profoundly easy for thousands of talented creators to quit their day jobs to pursue what they love.

Oh, and here’s the best part. You can help us. Like we said, we have only ten employees and so, participation from our community is what will make this thing “go”. You can help, by using our app (and rating it if you have nice things to say), staying active, and spreading the word – to creators friends and to brands who you think would benefit from this tool. If we have the most creative, active, community on the planet we all win. If we don’t, we lose. So, our collective future is in our collective hands.

To that end, if you have ideas, suggestions, thoughts, or, just want to chat. I am here for you, whenever you need me: james@thehhub.com