Marisa Donnelly

8 Tips For Engagement On Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, having more Instagram followers doesn’t directly translate to engagement or success on the platform. Rather, being connected, constantly growing, and interacting with followers can help your brand/account to…

How To Define Your Brand

Who are you? How can your brand be an extension of who you are? These are two essential questions to ask yourself as you build a social media account, company, website, profile,…

How To Stay Organized As A Photographer

Invest in a scheduling tool, app, or planner/calendar As your schedule gets busier, being organized is key. In order to keep track of your clients, appointments, meetings, and photo shoots invest in…

Watch Your Business Grow!

Human connection in real life is a lost art. It’s important to have a presence in real life just as it’s important to have an offline strategy to market your business, too.

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