How To Define Your Brand

Who are you?

How can your brand be an extension of who you are?

These are two essential questions to ask yourself as you build a social media account, company, website, profile, page, blog, business, etc. As you begin to think about who you are as a creator and what you, specifically, have to offer the world, you can start to build an entity that is as unique as you are.

Here’s how:

(Photo by Kayla Mendez)

Think about what sets you apart

There are millions of incredibly talented people in the world. Regardless of what you’re thinking about doing or creating, chances are, there’s probably someone who is in the same career field, or pursuing the same things. Don’t let this hinder you; instead, let it empower you.

Everyone has something that they can bring to the table. As you are starting to build your own brand idea, think about what sets you apart. What is unique or special to you? What do you feel is different in that you can provide to your clients/subscribers/users? What are you the most passionate about? Focus on those things and use them to build your ideas around.

(Photo by Oliver Owen)

Create specific and measurable goals and ideas

What is it that you want to achieve, create, or start? What does success look like to you? What is your ‘perfect’ business idea or concept? Create this image in your head and use it to map out ideas, goals, and next steps.

Build a manifesto for yourself and your clients/users.

As you think about what you want to do, create a manifesto or mission statement. This will be not only for yourself but for your clients/users. Think about what type of person you want to use your services, or engage with what you have to share. Is there a certain person/persona you want to speak to? Use this ‘manifesto’ to build your business concepts.

(Photo by Amanda Saunders)

Embody your personality through your company and services.

In other words, be real. Be real not only to yourself and what you believe you can do but how you will go about doing those things. Don’t try to change based upon other influencers or ideas you’ve seen. When you focus on yourself, you’ll build something that’s different, which is important in an ever-growing, ever-changing society.