4 Self-Limiting Beliefs To Remove From Your Life

Success is largely dependent upon your mindset; thus, if you’re constantly feeding yourself negative or self-limiting thoughts, you will struggle to improve and grow. Instead of filling your mind with doubt and fear, speak positivity and self-love.

Here are 4 self-limiting beliefs to remove from your life (and truths you can speak, trust in, and embody instead).

“I am unworthy.”

Instead of telling yourself that you are not enough, or unworthy of a task, goal, position, or moment of success, say, “I am worthy.” “I am strong.” “I am capable.” Channel your insecurity and self-doubt into movement, and believe in your abilities, rather than your fears.

(Photo by Shaye Babb)

“I don’t know.”

If there’s something you’re unsure about or don’t understand, instead of focusing on what you lack, use this as an opportunity for learning and growth. Don’t be limited by what you don’t quite have a grasp on, but be inspired to discover the answer or make a change. Replace the phrase, “I don’t know,” with “I’m going to figure this out.”

“I’m scared.”

Don’t focus on what intimidates or frightens you; instead, look back at what you’ve already accomplished as a means of motivating yourself forward. Everyone has doubts and anxieties that hold them back; it’s how you combat these moments of weakness that defines who you are and can be. Rather than saying, “I’m scared,” say, “I am ready to face this challenge.”

“I can’t.”

Turn every “I can’t” into an “I can.” Empower yourself by first believing that you are capable and confident—then step forward in that belief. Oftentimes, you are your own worst enemy and critic. Don’t allow yourself to be hindered by your mind. You are more. You are able. You can.