Ring the Bell! Photography Gift Guide For The Holiday Season

Ring the Bell! Photography Gift Guide For The Holiday Season

When it comes to buying the photographer in your life the perfect present, especially during this festive time of year, it can be quite a daunting task. The season is the perfect time to capture and showcase themed markets, lights, events and architecture with holiday cheer-and-bell photography, so your special someone will feel even more encouraged and inspired to collect incredible content.

But what does one get for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographer? The core fundamental pieces of photography, like cameras, studio equipment (if needed) and basic essentials are (usually) already covered. Seasonal photography gifts should instead, be focused around the wants and nice-to-have aspects of trade. So for gift giving, it’s time to think outside of the box.

From camera accessories, accent pieces, updated photography tech products and more, there are plenty of wonderful gifts on the market this year. Below, read on as we review our favorites, meant for your camera loving someone.

What’s so special about buying a Travel Dock, especially one as sophisticated from OWC, is that while appearingly a luxury item, it will forever change a photographer’s technological experience. As it duplicates as both a necessity and a luxury gift, you can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting. Some may be asking what a Travel Dock is? A travel doc, is a one stop-store external compartment which houses outlets for many different cords including: USB, SD, USC, and more. With newer computers, less available outlets are being produced and many are forced to compromise. With the travel dock, everything can be inputted from one location.


Some photographers rely on their online hard drives and computer screens to relive the moments of their prized captured moments. Instead, their beautiful works of art should be out in the open for them to see, and for guests to see daily. Thankfully, there’s a unique way to create a memorabilia piece that is as unique and classic as their photographs. With the Close To Home Gallery by Thirty One, you’re able to implement up to three photos upon a wooden block that can be showcased anywhere throughout you home, office, or studio. Best of all, photos can be swapped out and updated with new ones over time, keeping the block as the staple decor.  


Photographers are creative designers that usually see the world from a unique perspective, and this applies to more than just photography. So, why not tap into that mindset, with a gift so abstract and different, that it will be the most-talked about item in their home? The Geometric Glasses by Dragon Glassware creates one-of-a-kind topsy turvy pieces that will leave any user in awe. Unlike traditional glasses, these stay situated upon their sides with geometric leveling. Coming in sets of two, these make for great rocks glasses for those who enjoy a nice spirit every once in a while, or those who just want to take in the mathematical awe of their drink staying rightside up.


4.The Air Selfie

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Often times photographers will go on assignment alone unless their focusing on portrait or lifestyle photography. During these times, whether shooting in nature or on location, there’s no way to get a personalized image with the beautiful backdrop, unless, of course, engaging in the iconic selfie. But, that gets old quick, so instead try Air Selfie. Air Selfie is a hands free camera that captures with the control of a person’s camera. Now, there’s no need for a plus one to take a squared on-location image.


Reaching a little higher of heights than the aforementioned air selfie, the HEX drone reaches extreme heights. Meant for the photographer or videographer than has the ground covered but maybe looking to aim higher, the gift of a drone is the perfect holiday surprise. Whether getting a birds-eye view in cathedral bell photography or majestic natural landscapes, a drone is sure to capture incredible content and make for great vlogging material as well. The device is controlled by a mobile device (working with both Android and Apple iOS systems), can reach heights up to five hundred meters and fly by predetermined mapping, as well as fixed 360 degree with one button control systems.

6.Tile Sport

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The perfect gift is now accompanied by a literal ringing bell, as photography equipment we know can be pricey. Now, by utilizing devices such as Tile, you’ll never worry about your camera and accessories getting lost. Tile is location device that is connected to your phone through an app. Acting as a keychain or insert, one of these devices can be put in your camera bag when traveling or on location. With the inclusion of a locating device like Tile, there will constantly be a peace of mind as you’ll always know where your camera, lenses and accompanying equipment is.


For the ultimate girlboss photographer, get her a holiday gift that speaks to her feminist qualities as well as her professional career or hobby as a photographer. Through Her Lens, is a powerful book that pays homage to the 70s and 80s cinema era. Telling the story of Eva Sereny, a pioneer in her field as she set a motion for modern day female photographers. This book even includes never before seen work from Sereny. It is a true classic book of photographs that incorporates behind the scenes imagery with content that showcases what it’s truly like to live in the time of the 70s and 80s.  


Either for dog-loving photographers or the pet photography specialist, Furbo is the perfect gift for those who set off on daily assignments. As they leave their best, furry four-legged friend at home, they’re never more than a phone call away. So how does the Furbo work? Once the call button is hit on your Furbo app it signals the ringing bell, photography and video settings are immediately turned on from both your end and your dogs’. They’ll witness their wagging tales and smiling faces, even offer them a treat. Better yet, this makes for awesome content of your pup.     


Set locations can be anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Whether in a studio or near the trees in nature, there’s a good chance that where the photography gig takes you, you’ll want to have you bag off the ground. As this bag is full of expensive camera equipment, it may be one of the most prized possession your special someone has, and it’s best to treat it with care. Thanks to the Instant Bag Hanger by Clipa2, it’s now possible to hang a camera bag up to thirty pounds anywhere, even hanging on a study branch, studio set, or even in unfit traveling conditions.


10.A Portfolio Website

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More than any physical or material gift, one of the most substantial holiday presents anyone can give a photographer is an update or upgrade to their digital presence and online portfolio. By seeking out companies like DevelopHer Designs, you’d be gifting a world class personalized service. They’ll help bring your loved one’s photos and artwork to life, through a curtailed website portfolio. Additional bonus, it’ll help bring in more potential clients and job offerings. We’re giving out brownie points, as the founder Jessica Tatham, is aiming towards bringing more female entrepreneurs online and creating digital footprints. “After realizing a void in web development catered to female entrepreneurs, I decided to pave the way for aspiring, talented and passionate women to bring their businesses online,” says Tatham.

It’s December, and it’s already cold outside. Gloves are a necessity when stepping outside, especially for photographers that are stationed on location and outside the studio. Often, gloves can be a burden as they don’t pick up heat sensors for touch screen like our phone, and changing equipment and lenses with gloves are troublesome. Instead, give a gift that warms their hands, while keeping their fingers free to work efficiently. With Golightly Cashmere Fingerless Gloves, you won’t be compromising quality for practicality. Best of all, their line comes with a variety of colors, so it can be perfectly selected for the person you’re gifting to.


Who says camera bags have to be stuffy and bulky? A fun surprise to the regular assembly of photography bags, the Denim Pony from Apollo Box is great for those days where you’re bringing a camera, one particular lens and a charger or replacement battery as it is relatively small in comparison to the others. For lack of space, it makes up for in style and comfort. An over-the-shoulder messenger bag, the denim and subtle hints of leather give the bag an abstract equestrian look.

*If looking for a bigger size bag with space for a few extra lenses of gadgets, try the Everyday Backpack by Peak Design.

Set your loved one apart from the crowd with a custom and personalized camera strap by FOTO. It’s common for pricey and extreme high-quality cameras to come with generic and not-so-quality camera straps. In addition to the straps being boring, they tend to be a walking advertising for your camera’s brand, as they seemingly heighten and bold their company’s name across the band. Instead, FOTO provides over dozens of different colored durable straps with sleek and sturdy design. The straps also come with a diverse range of finishes like leather and canvas. Top it off by engraving their name, initial or logo into the strap to make it extremely custom to them.


14.Bluprint Lessons

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We’re always changing, and we’re always learning — two invaluable truths we slowly discover over time. When deciding what to give the photographer who’s always seeking to improve their work and learn styles of their craft, why not register them for courses at Bluprint that speaks specifically to them and encapsulates all different types of photography. A couple of sample courses include guides to night photography, pet photography, outdoor photography, editing techniques and more. Additionally, there’s a free trial, so why not give it a try for yourself. You may discover you have a hidden creative talent, as there’s many different beginner courses on the website.

*Another creative outlet to consider is Course Horse, as they feature many creative classes online..


Our homes should be a representation of ourselves, our sense of style, comfort and passions. For this upcoming holiday season, gift the photographer in your life a piece that mixes of all three characteristics into one staple home decor item. Canvas Pop, specializing in bringing a favorite or memorable photography to life, creates one-of-a-kind canvas pieces that can be incorporated into any personal or professional space. Whether standing amongst a living room gallery wall or in a private studio, custom wall art can tie a room together while doubling as a conversation piece. For an extra wow factor, try exporting your loved one’s images into a Triptych canvas piece. This will split the image into sections of three and draw together a dynamic aesthetic.


Among a card, mug, calendar and even an ornament featuring a charm or bell, showcasing photography has truly received a one-of-a-kind transformation with Kodak Moments. A brand iconically known for bringing our stories, memories and experiences to life for decades has now moved into the sentimental momentos category. Along with providing basic prints to line your home, scrapbooks and picture boxes, they’re dabbled into something much bigger. At Kodak Moments, there’s potential to not only turn your images into prints and meaningful everyday pieces. With these special gifts, you’re constantly reminding them of their beautiful work.  


Whimsical and full of whistles, ribbons and bells, photography takes on a fun demeanour in Polka Dot Parade, a book entirely dedicated to the phenomenal Bill Cunningham with featured illustrations from Masha D’yanson. For those of you who don’t know the beautiful storying about Mr. Cunningham, he was the iconic stylist and designer who would stroll through the streets of New York City looking for creative pieces that caught his eye, no matter who or what was wearing them. As he encountered the most unique and inspirational pieces for his work, his photography stood out amongst the crowd, as people tended to gravitate towards his fun nature. Model and Philanthropist, Christy Turlington even stated, PolkaDot Parade is a charming reminder that all the color and joy that Bill Cunningham brought into the world of fashion every day.” Give the gift of a very special coffee book meant to bring a smile to any professional photographer’s day.


Having access to large quantities of digital storage is a must in the world of photographers. No gigabyte is ever too big when it comes to uploading, editing and storing. Unfortunately, many photographers are forced to compress images or even delete them as there’s more content than available space. This year, give them a gift that keeps on giving with its substantial digital space. Sony’s Professional External SSD device holds 960 gigabytes of material and is so tiny that it can fit in a pocket or small-sized bag. Not convinced yet? To put this size storage into sheer comparison, the highest selling iPhone XR has 250 gigabytes worth of storage. That means that almost four storage quantities from the iPhone XR can fit into the SSD. It’s important to note, that this particular device fits a USB type C adaptor cable.


On our list is one of the staple and most whimsical products from our childhood but brought back in a more unique and personal way. 3D viewers are the 90’s version of the Oculus and current virtual reality trends. They consist of a series of images and are shifted by pulling a lever. As fans looked inside, they witness an encapsulating 3D image of their favorite movies, tv shows or characters. Now, relive your childhood with these 3D viewers but with a twist. Instead of looking into the photos done by someone else, they’re customary for you. Image 3D gives you the opportunity to gift a custom 3D viewer filled with over a handful of images specified and uploaded by you.



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For those photographers looking to transfer from still imagery to video, a GoPro is the perfect getaway. As this small, durable and versatile camera can be bought anywhere and is small enough to fit in a pocket, it’s a great device for adventuring. Whether wanting to shoot up-close and personal (but non-invasive) video or taking it with you during a scenic hike or white water rafting adventure, it can be done. What also makes the GoPro special is the platform where users can upload, edit and string together footage to create personalized video. Additionally, the accessories such as the harness strap, handheld pod and more, all assist in creating seamless content (sometimes without realizing).


We’ve all been there — wanting to take a really nice photo but all we have are our phones. Not to worry, because now there’s an ability to add an accessory lens to the Apple or Android devices that complements their technological advances. Besides answering ringing phone calls and text, photography and the ability to snap a great photo (particularly in the latest phone models) are one of the popular uses of a phone. By gifting a set of accessory lenses, you’re able to help that special someone capture professional quality photos in any particular setting.


What about a gift for our junior photographers, the ones who fill their childhood rooms with countless photos of their family, friends and pets? For these fun-loving young photographers, try gifting them a dual purpose gift for their room decor. This wooden camera photo frame for Apollo Box, not only showcases an image of their choice, but also includes an old-fashioned camera as a frame (available in multiple colors). The inclusion of the leather strap alludes to the iconic camera shoulder strap but is meant to be used as a door hanger, so there are no worries to knocking a wall or taking up counter space.  

Most of the items on our list have something to do with the art of photography and the creative application. Although, there’s a time and place to be out-of-office and to leave the camera at home. Even when the lenses are capped and out of reach, keep your own camera icon with you at all times. Frosted Willow’s Camera Charm Bracelet comes in both gold and brass and is a lovely accent jewelry piece. In addition to be stylish, the bracelet is a great conversation piece when out and about, as it speaks to a beloved part of any photographer’s livelihood.


As much as we may make fun of the beloved (and sometimes-mocked selfie), it’s a staple image showcased across social media pages and camera rolls all over the globe. While we wouldn’t necessarily call the selfie an artistic method of photography, it is a fun and memorable way to capture a moment. Why not make that captured moment a phenomenal image with the proper lighting? With the LUMEE phone case, beloved by celebrities and influencers, you’d be giving the gift of flawless lighting to selfies taken everywhere. Plus, the utility of the case does not compromise on style, as some of the new collections include the glitter and mermaid collection (for the iPhone X & XR).