Silver Fox Photography, 40 Tips For Male Modeling After 50

On many of the online application and submission requests looking for the next star in the modeling industry, we may see age concentrations focused around finding talent eighteen and older. Although, modeling and brand representation is not purely fixated on those just emerging into the industry at a young age. There’s still many opportunities and castings out there for those over fifty and in the modeling world, especially for men. Whether an experienced pro, or someone new to the game, there’s always something to be learned in the art of photography and posing in front of a camera. Being or becoming a silver fox photography model, takes its fair share of knowledge, prep, and talent.

Below, we’ve broken down forty different tips and tricks of the trade to master the art of male modeling after the age of fifty. Whether it comes to the aesthetics and looking the part of a male model, dealing with representation and setting your rate, or finding your niche in the industry, many layers go into the job. While sounding overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Read on as we divulge all the information, and get you rocking your silver fox photography shoots in no time.

  1. Don’t Skip Your Skin Care Routine

Just like brushing our teeth twice a day, or washing our hands is practiced as a necessary standard, creating and implementing a personalized skin care routine should be too. As we age, our skin continues to go through a maturing process (which includes: wrinkles, enlarged pores, and sun spots), which don’t look great on camera. This process can be slowed down from father time and the outside elements if we practice strictly sticking to our overall skin care routine

  1. Know What Colors Suit You Best

When looking at wardrobe and choosing which colors to wear to an open call or studio session, we want to make sure we’re picking options best suited for us. First step is to decide our skin’s natural undertone and work from their. If cool toned, you’ll want to stick to colors such as blues and greys. If warm undertones, try wearing colors like honey, cream, and olive green.

  1. Keep Your Chin Up

Both physically and metaphorically. To create striking silver fox photography, it’s important to keep your chin and jaw strong and structured. The best way to help articulate this appearance on camera is to keep the chin up and out. Typically, keep the chin away from the neck at an above ninety degree angle. Face the chin (very slightly) towards either the front left or right of the room.

  1.  Maintain Facial Hair Grooming

While, yes, we’re referring to the five o’clock shadow, we’re also talking about facial hair all over. The ears, nose, mustache, beard, and even sideburns should all be maintained and groomed before stepping in front of the camera. Invest is a great razor, trimmers, or regularly get touch ups from the barber.

  1. Learn Various Facial Expressions

Showing expressions on camera can be one of the most difficult trades when it comes to modeling and the job profession as a whole. By practicing and altering your facial expressions to create a diversity in looks. This will help with overall casting, as well as both photographers and branders available to draw different selects from your overall shoot. By creating more usable content, the more likely you’ll be rehired.

  1. Cool Your Eye Cream

One of the most best kept secrets to avoiding looking puffy, and a really smart way to look dapper in your silver fox photography is to cool your eye cream before placing it under your eyes. As the cool formula soothes and ease any excess baggage under the eyes. In fact, the cold nature activates skin cells quicker leaving the skin underneath the eyes to go down.  

  1. Men Can Wear Makeup Too

Looking flawless on camera and creating great imagery, is much more cost effective to address during the shoot than afterwards in retouching. What do we mean by that? If there’s a way to fill in enlarged pores and help balance and even out skin tone, do it, especially if participating in silver fox photography. When purchasing foundation, it’s important to purchase foundation meant for men, as male skin is different from females.

  1. Engage In Proper Strength and Aerobic Training

Just like it’s important to eat healthy to maintain a properly lean body, both strength and aerobic training are necessities in keeping up tone during a modeling career. After hitting fifty, it may be harder to hit the gym than in your twenties, but no worries! There are ways to implement cardio and lifting into your daily routine. Try with fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise, getting your heart rate to 160.

  1. Whiten Your Teeth

Pearly whites take a photograph to another level, no matter the style of photography or situation in which the image was captured. Unfortunately, over years or wear and tear, chomping and cups of coffee our teeth lose their radiant white glow and begin to turn yellow. Not to fear, by using whitening toothpaste like Crest 3D White or Crest whitening strips (winner of the 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award), overtime you’ll reveal your pearly whites. In addition, treatments like iSmile Whitening laser treatment or Smile Direct Club gel treatment.

  1. Remember To Exfoliate

As time goes on, our skin cells die and replenish. Naturally we’d believe that our old skin cells would fall naturally away on our own, but they do not. They cling to our newly created skin cells, leaving uneven skin texture and deepens the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines. How do we renew our facial skin and get rid of unwanted dead skin cells? Exfoliate! Some great products to look into include: LATHER’s Bamboo Silk Face Foaming Scrub, and Jack Black’s Face Buff.

  1. Eat Right

We are what we eat, and if we continue to put greasy and processed foods into our bodies (especially after the age of fifty), it’ll show in not only our overall health but our appearance and energy levels. Additionally, make sure to consume collagen enriching foods to promote overall elasticity and suppleness in the skin. Great examples of foods to consume include: fish with omega 3 fatty acids, as well as red and dark green vegetables.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is the secret sauce when it comes to modeling, whether you’re twenty or fifty. Water proves to have a substantial amount of benefits in our overall appearance, such as anti-aging and flushing toxins from our system which can cause inflammation and make us appear puffy and unhealthy. It’s free and really good for you, so drink as much as you can.

  1. Practice Your Poses

Everyone has their angles, signature faces, and go-to poses. After hitting the age of fifty, you may be more in tune with which side profile is your favorite. Although, it helps to explore each and every avenue of poses to suggest which possible series of poses fit you best. Traditionally, some of the most flattering images for male models include: the stroling pose (as it’s natural and shows a sense of personality), and the iconic hand(s) in pocket (helps portray confidence on camera).

  1. Perfect Your Portfolio

Don’t skip out when it comes time to completing your portfolio to a hundred percent. As everything is done online, it’s critical to have an exceptional site as well as headshots that are up to date and high quality. To thoroughly vet and review your portfolio look through replica and competitors portfolios online to compare attention to detail, quality, and size.

  1. Have Great Representation

Every good male model needs to find proper representation, someone to be their eyes and ears in the industry when it comes to finding the perfect casting and open calls. Unlike traditional widespread modeling agencies, it may be wide to specify your representation to those who cover ages fifty and older. This will give them more of a concentration into job opportunities suited toward you. Silver International Modeling Agency has locations across the globe and based out of Paris and seeks to only represents those over forty years of age. They’ll help pair you with an agent to get you shooting silver fox photography in no time.

  1. Give Yourself A Glow

We’d never suggest exposing yourself to prolonged exposure to the sun, but it’s important to get some Vitamin D with the proper SPF protection for a healthy natural glow. For synthetic tanned skin, try self tanner from brands like St. Tropez or TAN-LUXE.

  1. Attend Castings That Are Right For You

Just like finding well-suited representation, it’s important to find casting calls that are also perfectly suited for you. Whether for photographer’s portfolio content, portrait-branded content, or promotional material, there are a wide variety of casting to attend that could be a perfect fit. Set your attendance parameters, talk to your agent, and you’re bound to have luck!   

  1. Learn Your Market

As this coincides with finding the right castings and open calls, learning which market your posing for is also a necessity in the industry. Before showing up on set do your research. Learn which market, brand, or association you’re posing for a learn the aesthetic and feel their looking from their talent. If done right, you may be signed to participate in more shootings that can help widen your scope.   

  1. Do Your Research If Interested In Injectables

After hitting the age of fifty, many males in the modeling industry consider the possibility of using injectables like botox or filler to appear younger. Look into this before making an appointment. Certain questions like: Am I going to a qualified professional? Do I have any potential allergies? How do I prepare? Am I worried about additional costs?

  1. Don’t Cut Corners With Hair Products

This may come as no surprise, given those in silver fox photography are aware of the aesthetic demands of modeling, but don’t be conservative with hair product. Invest in a great hair dryer, a experiment with moose that fits the texture of your hair (until you find the perfect match). This way you’ll set your standard look and wow casting agents at open calls.

  1. Establish Your Signature Look

Speaking of your standard look, it should not only cover your hair style, but your entire person should be set to a signature look. Personal branding is an important trait in the modeling industry. Hair (including facial hair), fashion, personality, essentially the whole picture should all be tied together with your personal sense of self and branding when attending castings, sets, and commercials. This is not to be confused with the ability to versatile or flexible. As these are nifty traits that will also serve you well when pulling off silver fox photography.

  1. Remember to Moisturize

Even when it’s not winter! Constant moisture in the skin can leave it looking supple, younger, and glowing. Adding moisture as men age prevents the skin from cracking, and gives the appearance of smaller wrinkles as the skin sucks in the moisture and elevates the deep lines. When being captured

  1. It’s Not Just About A Handsome Face

While yes, we’re suggesting to take all the necessary steps to get your face moisturized, groomed, and wrinkle free for upcoming silver fox photography shoots, bring in the personality and attitude. Like mentioned previously, your personal brand encapsulates you. Bringing your fresh and positive attitude can make set not only more enjoyable, but impress photographers, creative directors, and brand representatives. All these people are great contacts to have in your corner for potential new business.

  1. Specify Your Niche

It may seem that male modeling after the age of fifty is in itself a niche, but in fact there are more categories and sub sections to consider before getting out into the game and attending casting calls. Some examples of niche markets include: portrait photography, lifestyle photography (can be anything from travel to sports), couples photography, branding commercials, and even family centric photography.

  1. Your Stance on Jewelry

Unless sporting a classic timepiece (or advertising for a particular jewelry band), jewelry on men after the age of fifty on camera is questionable to some. As wearing pieces like necklaces or bracelets can draw attention to the neckline or wrists, it’s up the photographer to see where he wants the source of attention in the photo. In fact, many suggest not even wearing your wedding band on set unless otherwise told by a photographer.

  1. …Or Anything Particularly Flashy

It’s commonly noted, if picking your own wardrobe for a casting call or on a shooting set, try and stay neutral with your clothing. Wearing any loud, bright, or bold shirt or pants can affect the discrepancy with the backdrop as well as play tricks with the light if wearing reflective articles or bright colors.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Nails

They don’t have to be colored in the latest season polish, but men over the age of fifty should regularly get manicures. Manis help to even nail growth, promote the health of nail beds and even keep the hands moisturized. Hands can be one of the earliest premature signs of aging if not kept well. While many believe it’s not a vital component in silver fox photography, you’d be surprised on how hands play a role in final imagery and regularly need a great deal of retouching in post.

  1. Manage Body Hair

Men as they age, tend to grow thinner hair all over their body, and at a slower rate, but it doesn’t mean it goes unnoticed when it’s there. As men turn older, they may start to gray. While this add a sophisticated and sexy look for a male model when the hair is turning on the head, when it’s on the body is draws attention due to the contrast of the skin color. Instead, look into the possibility of utilizing services like laser hair removal, waxing services, or the handy dandy razor.

  1. Minimize Baggage

We’re not talking metaphorically or suitcases in your home; we mean the pesky bags that appear after we’ve had little or no sleep. While wearing cold eye cream before an event can minimize the look, there are other steps to take to help as well. Tricks like compressing a cold washcloth over the eyes for ten minutes, or cooled green tea bags are some of the many ways to diminish baggage and help the eye appear brighter and more awake.

  1. To Wear Glasses Or Contacts

Being a sapiosexual (attraction to intelligent people), is in at the current moment so rocking the glasses on set is a look many male models over fifty do – especially when trying to look good and capture the iconic silver fox photography. Check with your agent or creative director on set, if bringing your glasses is ok or if they prefer you wear contacts.

  1. Polish Your Shoes

Nothing showcases the real you than looking at a man’s shoes. If they’re polished, the man reads as responsible, sophisticated, and hard working. If they’re nicked and unkept, the man may look lazy, undetermined, or neglectful. Moral of the story, polish your shoes.

  1. Become Best Friends With Your Tailor

Compared to polished shoes (but not as intensely considered), a man coming in with a perfectly tailored suit speaks volume about his sense of style and respect for their things, which can subconsciously translate to work ethic. Photographers love a model with a great sense of style and work ethic.  

  1. Keep Up With Headshots

Just like keeping your portfolio in tip-top spify shape, your headshots should be the same. Updated and high quality are two attributes casting and talent management look to when seeking their new face for an agency or job. Diversity in headshots can be helpful, but more importantly, make sure the iconic bare face, neutral color front and back poses are executed perfectly and are your star piece. As these images are considered the most important when looking for new talent.

  1. Know Your Spending

The mention of tailors, botox, and shining your shoes can all add up when balancing the checkbook. While investing in ourselves and our industry is both necessary and common, make sure you’re not overextending your spendings versus your savings. Prioritize your list of needs, as work from there.

  1. Always Review Your Contracts

Preferably with the help of your agent, as they should specialize in these ordeals. As signing and negotiating contracts pertains to everyone in the modeling industry, no matter the age. It can be particularly tricky for men over fifty, as it’s perceived you’re more experienced in the industry (and don’t need further explanation). Before jumping into signing a contract make sure to discuss residuals, buyouts, and non-disclosure agreements.

  1. Avoid Alcohol The Day Before Your Shoot

No surprise with this helpful hint, alcohol in general can dehydrate your body and cause swelling and inflammation leaving you puffy on set. Not to mention, the idea of a hangover while on set sounds unappealing to you and looks ridiculously rude to members on set like the photographers and members from the creative agency. Stick to drinking water that will leave your skin glowing and your head not pounding.

  1. Get Rid Of Red Eye

Camera lenses nowadays can be extremely high tech, and the resolution and zoom abilities are phenomenal! The only downside, when capturing portrait mode, we notice way more detailing in our eyes than we may want. This includes red eye. Ways to avoid or get rid of red eye is to keep your eyes completely hydrated with eye drops. Even if your eyes don’t look visibly red, drop in a couple before a shoot to ensure the camera doesn’t pick anything up.

  1. Would You Consider Modeling With A Partner Or Family?

Believe it or not! Many casting directors will look highly upon male models over fifty that model with their partner or family. If having a family that’s comfortable with being in the spotlight, this can be an extra gold star or cherry on top of your casting application.

  1. It Can Get Hot On Set

…and we mean really hot. Remember this tidbit, as the lights can be blasting heat on set, especially if photographers are not working with strobe lights. Always have cold water with you and a handkerchief just in case.

  1. Have Fun!

Modeling can be such a wonderful industry, especially meeting the incredible individuals on set that are in various creative fields.