Summer Engagement Photos: Tips & Guidelines

What’s your favorite time of the year? Did you say summer? Then maybe it’s also the perfect time to plan and take summer engagement photos. 

Whether you’re getting married in just a few weeks, or you’ll be planning for the next year, engagement photos are a great way to celebrate the love you have for one another. 

Summertime makes everything more fun, including a photo session. You can go just about anywhere without worrying about bad weather spoiling your plans. And whether you head into the heart of the city, or prefer the laid back feeling of rambling on a country road, there’s something for everyone when you plan out a summer engagement photo session. 

If you’re finalizing decisions about where to go and what to capture, keep these few things in mind. 

Tips For Summer Engagement Photos


Photographers know there are two perfect times of the day to shoot – sunrise and sunset. It’s called the sweet light. That’s because it casts a glow you can’t find at any other time of the day. It brings out golden highlights in your hair. It warms the photo in so many ways. 

If your photographer asks for suggestions, by all means, talk about your favorite locations. A local park you like to walk in, a beach you spend weekends, or a mountain you like to hike, are all great locations for summer engagement photos. But after you select the location, push to have your session either in the early morning or late evening for the best results. 

summer engagement photos


What’s a favorite activity for almost every newly engaged couple? Kissing, of course. Your photographer knows this, and will happily request you practice your favorite activity over and over and over …

That’s because it highlights romance. It puts you at ease. And it creates great images. This is your chance to showcase your feelings in a way you’ll remember for always. Play it up. Work with the photographer. And above all, have fun. 

summer engagement photos


Engagement photos shouldn’t be up close, stare into the camera, and smile. Instead, engagement pictures should be about two unique individuals and what love means to you. You show it through the location you choose, the clothes you wear, the way you touch. Your photographer knows this. That’s why they ask questions, give you cues during the shoot, and stand back and watch the magic happen. 

summer engagement photos