Looking For Ways To Create Unique Engagement Photos?

As a photographer, unique engagement photo shoots have become one of my favorite sessions. Why? Because it’s a great chance to capture two people in love, without all the hustle and bustle that comes with a wedding. It’s just two people sharing their passion with one another at one of the happiest times of their lives. 

Why not celebrate that with pictures? 

A unique engagement photo session is the perfect way to do that. This gives you a way to explore who you are together. It gives you a chance to freeze one moment in time, and recall those memories and feelings at any time. You’re starting a life together; why not capture it with pictures?

How do you plan a unique engagement photoshoot? After all, you don’t want your engagement pictures to look like everyone else’s. If you are planning on taking engagement photos, I have three tips for you. 

Tips For Unique Engagement Photos


I’ve found that when couples ask about unique engagement photos, what they’re really asking for is personalization. They don’t want their final images to be duplicated by friends. They want images that say: Hey, this is us! You can do that in so many ways. Ask yourselves three questions:

  • Where did we meet?
  • What do we like to do together?
  • What makes us unique?

Chances are, you’ll see a trend immediately. Build from there. And get creative where you can.

unique engagement photos

It’s all about the ring

Have you ever thought about what the ring symbolizes? It’s about the love you share, the commitment you’ve made to one another. It’s a symbol of the journey you’re planning as you share your lives together. People select rings based on taste and desire. Is it a family heirloom? Is it something you shopped for weeks? There’s something beautiful about including that in your portrait session. 

unique engagement photos


Some of the most unique engagement photo sessions we’ve had involve personal interests and hobbies. While you can’t plan a wedding to ensure your portraits will be taken at the perfect time of day, your engagement photos are different. Maybe you like water skiing as the sun comes up. Or bike riding as the sun dips down into the horizon. The glorious pinks and blues can make an unbelievable backdrop for the two of you. Think about what you enjoy doing together. Think about what makes you, you. Then celebrate it with pictures. 

unique engagement photos