How To Take Engagement Photos With Kids

If you’re looking to capture your engagement photos with kids, here are some tips for a beautiful family photoshoot.

how to take engagement photos with kids

Engagement Photos With Kids

Marriage isn’t always about two people coming together; sometimes it’s about blending two families at the same time: yours, mine, and ours. 

Taking engagement photos with kids can be a way to create memories as two families join together. This can be a special way to include kids, and show them that they are an important part of this process. 

This often means rethinking the traditional engagement photo session to get your kids involved too. If they are a part of the wedding ceremony, it’s a chance for them to practice some of their duties. Get casual shots of you as a family. Capture images playing as a family. You can also showcase different relationships that are coming together and building over time. 

Other ways to include children in your engagement photos is to capture the moment you give wedding gifts. If you’re presenting them with a necklace or a framed picture, have the photographer capture the response as you’re giving and receiving. 

Just because you’re creating a family doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also put the focus on you. Be sure to work with your photographer ahead of time so they know you want different groupings and settings. If your child is small, you may opt to bring along someone who can care for them while you’re having more intimate portraits taken of the two of you.  

Then relax and have fun. This is your day. These are your memories. Enjoy them as you create photos for this moment in time. 

Pick a beautiful location

Depending on the ages of your kids, find a place that lets them run and be free. Parks work well for all ages; you can even use slides and swings to create happy reactions. It takes the stress off of having to pose and sit in front of the camera. A creative photographer will also know how to get your kids to have fun too – a game of peek-a-boo?

engagement photos with kids
Couples in Love, Engagement Photos with Children

Pick a place opposite of your wedding venue

Because you’ll also have a chance to have photos taken with your kids the day of the wedding, try to make your engagement session a complete opposite. If you’re wedding day plans are formal, head outside and have fun with your engagement photos. It’ll be a great way to have to portrait sessions you’ll treasure for different reasons. 

engagement photos with kids

When you’re expecting

If you’re expecting, why not mix that in with your engagement session too? Be sure to wear form-fitting clothing; just one look at the photographs and you’ll remember this special time. We love the hidden meaning in this photo – taking a step towards creating a family; it’s a beautiful way to create a lasting memory.