Ideas For Beach Engagement Photos

What’s your idea of perfect engagement photos? For many couples, they can’t imagine anything but perfect beach engagement photos. 

A lot of photographers would agree with you. There’s something enchanting about sand, sea, and sky all mixed together in one portrait. Put the focus on you, and it’s a recipe for success. 

What does the beach mean to you? Did the two of you meet on a beach? Did you grow up in a house on the beach? Is surfing more than just a hobby?

Engagement pictures are personal. The more you put into planning, the better the outcome. Coordinate your clothing, so you look good together. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. While you don’t have to wear your bikini and board shorts, you’ll have a hard time walking in the sand in your stilettos. 

Of course, all of this takes a little planning. You can’t just grab your phone and head to the beach for a quick selfie. Instead, you should find the right photographer who understands the look you’re going for. 

Not quite sure what that is? Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

Beach Engagement Photo Ideas

Beaches are more than sand

When most people think “beach,” their thoughts go to miles of sandy beaches, walking barefoot hand in hand. And for some, that can be a great portrait experience. But don’t think you have to stop there. Beaches can be a lot more than sand. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world have large rock formations and breathtaking views. With a little creativity and a desire for the perfect shot, you and your photographer can design the perfect backdrop. 

beach engagement photos

Move off the beach and onto a dock

Scope out the area thoroughly before you settle in for your session. Think of the world as your backdrop, with anything around you as a potential prop. How about using a small dock for sweeping views? Yes, the photo is about you. Yet by moving around and looking at things differently, you’ll get a finished image you’ll be proud to showcase for years. 

beach engagement photos

Play with the lighting

Why are we attracted to the beach? For many, it’s all about sunrises and sunsets. Plan to meet your photographer for your beach engagement photo session at either of these magical hours to create nothing but pure romance. Use the wind, sun, and surroundings to capture a truly romantic image. 

beach engagement photos