6 Podcasts For The Aspiring Artistic Entrepreneur

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Podcasts are more than the anthem of millennials. They’re a valuable way to gain knowledge while exercising, cleaning, sitting in traffic… anything where you want to keep your mind occupied. As an aspiring artistic entrepreneur, these podcasts will boost your motivation through the stories, share valuable business information, and

The Brave, Not Perfect Podcast by Reshma Saujani  

On the Brave, Not Perfect Podcast, the Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, talks to women about their brave, not perfect experiences. These stories are filled with risks, failures, shame, and resilience and will keep you going when you aren’t sure if you can.

I first discovered this podcast when going through a time of failure in my own life, and hearing these entrepreneurs, politicians, and creatives share their stories was just the thing I needed. (And I think you’ll feel the same way.)

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The Podcast by Mikhail Alfon

On The Podcast by Mikhail Alfon, Mikhail shares stories of resilience and business acumen from himself and other entrepreneurs. These episodes get real about what success takes, regardless of what your version of success looks like. He has founded two companies and has an incredible story, showing that you can always find a way to make an impact.

I appreciate the guests he brings on and how he involves listeners in crowd-sourcing questions for guests while supporting others in their work.

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The Rich Roll Podcast by Rich Roll 

The Rich Roll Podcast may seem like an odd fit for this list, but trust me. Rich Roll is a lawyer turned endurance athlete and podcast host, speaking with athletes, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and other creatives about their story, what drives them, and the world at large.

This podcast is similar to Joe Rogan’s because he covers a variety of topics, but it’s more focused on creativity, making it the perfect accompaniment on a long drive.

Listen on iTunes and Stitcher, and watch on YouTube.

The Moment by Brian Koppelman

Best known for Billions and Rounders, Brian Koppelman knows creative entrepreneurship. On The Moment, he hosts those in and out of show business, including filmmakers, actors, and writers.

This show is for more than those wanting to get into Hollywood. It’s a look at the stories behind some of the most successful creatives working today and how their journeys have shaped them.

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Beyond Influential by Brittany Krystle

Brittany Krystle is an attorney turned branding expert, working with Gary Vee, Tom Bilyeu, Marie Forleo, and others to help shape their personal brands. In Beyond Influential, you’ll hear strategic advice on how to build your own brand from someone who has done it herself.

Beyond Influential is one of my must-listens when looking for new ways to improve my personal brand. If you’re an aspiring creative entrepreneur, you need a personal brand, and Brittany Krystle will help you build it.

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Candidly Caffeinated by Hannah Moyer

I love podcasting as a medium and was motivated to launch my own last year to start the conversations not many creatives were having. Be prepared for real thoughts on creative-focused topics like doubt, fear of mediocrity, failure, and growth.

Episodes are purposefully kept to 10 minutes, so it’s just long enough for brewing coffee before working, on a short commute, or if you need a midday creative lift.

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The life as an aspiring artistic entrepreneur can be isolating, but these six podcasts can help make it feel a little less so by opening your world to inspiring stories, difficult topics, and tactical advice. After all, we’re in this together.