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How To Be More Comfortable Sharing Your Art In A Public Space

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash Notebooks of prose, folders filled with paintings, and hard drives worth of music. What do these items have in common? They’re languishing in storage instead of sharing the artist’s unique perspective with the world. There’s no overnight solution to become comfortable with publicly sharing your art, but there are […]

5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity When You Hit A Dry Spell

Photo by Kleiton Silva on Unsplash It’s completely normal to feel uninspired with your work at times, even though it’s a sentiment not often communicated well within creative circles. Your creativity isn’t gone; it just needs a restart. You’re extraordinarily normal for hitting a dry spell and here’s how we’re going to get you out […]

How To Stay Motivated After A Creative Setback

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash Setbacks are a creative’s greatest challenge. If you’ve ever been in a creative field, you know what I mean: where your client disliked a deliverable, your company ended and you lost all confidence, you uploaded a video you were excited to share and viewers kept hitting the “thumbs down” […]

How To Not Let Perfectionism Ruin Your Art

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash Perfection is a myth, but your art is real. It’s time to begin focusing on what you create instead of the lies perfectionism whispers in your ear. If we want to overcome perfectionism’s grip, we can’t sit back. It requires active work to change our patterns so our art […]

10 Goals That Will Make Your Creative Work Better Than Ever In 2019

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Is your creativity thriving in the hope of a new year, or is it waiting for the hope of a new project to bring it out? It’s time to commit to a time of creative growth fueled by investing in yourself and others with these ten goals every creator should have. 1. Start […]


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