10 Important Things To Remember About Being Creative

Photo by Kayla Mendez

Creativity is defined as the phenomenon in which something new and of value is formed. However, we know that there is so much more to it than that. Creativity means thinking outside the box. It’s taking the parameters and restrictions you have and making something work anyway. It’s evident in all professions and in all types of people. To this is the beauty. Growing up, I never viewed myself as a very creative person.

I wrote stories, but I couldn’t paint a picture from my mind, or create a video game from scratch. To me, the people who did insanely unexpected things were the creatives. It wasn’t until I began looking at the world around me differently than I saw how many people actually have the potential for creativity. I still don’t think there is a definitive way to pinpoint creativity, because it is so arbitrary but here’s what I know. I know that before I saw myself as a creative person I viewed other members of H to be extremely above my level. Photographers who could capture a scene that was entirely in their head seemed so wonderful to me. Models who could think of new ways to capture a viewer’s interest while staring at the camera in photo after photo, and fashion designers who can put together an outfit effortlessly in a way that showcases the mood, atmosphere, and story behind a moment.

I guess my point is that we all have strengths and weaknesses in terms of creativity, and if we look hard enough in ourselves there are many things that we all have in common. Whenever you are in a rut and can’t seem to create I want you to look at this list, it will help you find your way back to where you want to be.

1. Our minds never slow down

I don’t know about all of you, but I am constantly thinking about what is next. In fact, the only time my mind isn’t working double time is when I’m sleeping, and I even have a hard time doing that when I come across a compelling idea or story to write. My mind works so fast that sometimes when I’m out with friends I forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. I get so lost in my thoughts. Creatives rarely let their minds stop thinking about ideas, unknown scenarios, and possible outcomes. There’s never a dull moment. Make sure next time someone calls you out on daydreaming you tell them that this is you thinking up your next big masterpiece.

2. We think backward

While the rest of the World focuses their energy on complaining about their problems creatives devout their time to coming up with solutions. Once we know we have a problem or a challenge in our way we tend to zero in on how we are going to fix it. We are optimists at heart. Often times the solutions we come up with are pretty risky, but what’s life without a little risk anyway.

3. We don’t concern ourselves with the opinions of others

This can be a blessing and a curse. We tend to be pretty stubborn about our ideas and thoughts. It takes a lot for us to drop what we were dreaming up. It’s not that we don’t respect others opinions and values it’s just that if you tell us your thoughts on what we are doing and it’s in disagreement of our plan we will still go ahead with it anyway. Creative people know that in order to make something new you must break through the barriers that have previously set in place. The difference between us and the average human is that we don’t expect anyone to understand our ideas as long as we think it worth trying it will happen. We can’t help our fierce determination

4. Always try to find peace of mind during downtime

I try my best to do yoga every day. It’s one way that I can quiet my mind without going to sleep. We need time to relax and renew our minds in order for us to avoid those creative blocks. So make time every day to sit and stare blankly off into space. Close your eyes and don’t think of anything. Try to get to that inner silence because before you know it the ideas will come flooding in.

Photo by Kayla Mendez

5. We can all be pretty emotional and moody

Particularly when something we are trying to create isn’t working the way we envisioned. The creative process can be a very intense thing so it’s no surprise that emotions run high at times. Most of the time creative people tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves.

6. Creative people are more inflexible than you think

Surprisingly, we can get pretty attached to what we are doing. When I create something, for example, I often have an idea of how I want it to come out. Some of us are better at going with the flow than others, but most of the time when my idea is not going as planned I have a hard time letting go of my vision and I struggle to find a way to make it work somehow. It’s a good and bad thing. It’s admirable at best, but it’s also very important that we know when to let go of a certain idea and move on to the next one. I mean let’s face it there will always be a next one.

7. We create in cycles

Creativity has a rhythm. It flows from high to low and even some very intense creativity. I’m sure we all have had our fair share of all-nighters when we become obsessed with finishing an idea.

8. We think and speak in stories

I mean let’s face it stories are what move people. Highly creative people, artists, in particular, know this and we often shape and weave stories into everything we do. We also take longer to explain things because there is so much depth in our way of thinking. This sometimes makes us appear inarticulate, which is never the case. We just do better showing you what we mean through our art.

Photo by Kayla Mendez

9. We often use procrastination as a tool

Whether it works or not is the debate.  No, for real we all procrastinate. For whatever reason, some of our best work is done under pressure. Maybe it’s the rush we get from having to do something great during a time span that makes it seem impossible. After all, we love making the impossible possible. We also tend to feel like our work is never done. It’s very hard to step away and put an idea to rest because there are infinite places we could take it.

10. We will never grow up

Last and not least we’ll always have that inner child encouraging us to dream big and keep reaching for the things we want. Life for us is about mystery, wonder, and adventure. It’s the only way to live.

We are truly a weird breed in the nicest way possible. It used to be speculations, but now neuroscientists have concluded that creatives have brains wired in a completely different way than the average human being. So you should always remember these things about being uniquely creative and certainly be proud of them.

What are some things that are important to you about being creative? Share with us in the comments below! Wanting to learn more about being inspired? Check out this recent article HERE.