Why You’re Not Getting Repeating Clients

Kayla Mendez

Are you tired of having one-off gigs? Ever wonder how your friends have clients that are coming back to them month after month, working on several campaigns? We’ve got the tea.

In February alone, H booked over 70 creators from our Job Board with over 30 brands and paid over a collective of $20,000 to creators on the Hub. Shannon Bray, head of production at H Collective, is behind the process of booking and working directly with the creators that we hire for brand campaigns. I talked to her about what she looks for in booking creators and how these one off gigs could turn into a long-term relationship with a freelancer.

Be professional.

And don’t be too casual.

Sure, we’re all young go-getters trying to make our way in the industry all while trying to be our true selves. However, many clients you work with will come from a corporate or an agency background – and they don’t play games there. Clients are looking for someone who carries themself well, speaks intelligently, and knows how to get shit done.

Don’t respond to emails too late, poorly, or not at all.

Keeping in touch with everyone involved with the process and being clear about things are the best things you can do. You know what’s also important? Proofreading and checking for spelling and grammar. We want to know that things are clear.

Keep open transparency with your clients.

When and where are you shooting? How are you shooting/executing? It gives us peace of mind when we know what’s going on behind the scenes on your end. We want to know that things are running smoothly. How? Keep in contact with us. When we have a shoot that involves client involvement, we only want to hire someone that we trust can hold themselves to the highest standards.

Be reliable.

Be someone we can depend on.

This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people have a hard time being genuinely reliable.

Don’t miss deadlines. Don’t ask for an extension.

Get your content in on the due date! You don’t know what kind of tight schedule we’re on and/or if we’re meeting with clients at certain times, and need your work to present.

Put in that extra mile into your work.

When it comes to your work, go above and beyond! Yes, you should be following the directions that are provided in the brief, but don’t forget to do more!  Don’t half-ass it. It makes us look bad just as much as it makes you look bad and that’s the tea.

Be memorable.

Don’t settle for the bare minimum.

Don’t just do what you’re expected – you should go above and beyond to build a relationship with a client! We work with thousands of photographers a year and we’re seeing people come back because they’re paying attention to details and they’re going the extra mile to overdeliver.

You’re asked for 10 selects? Throw in 2 more. Though this is such a small gesture, your client will remember your generosity.

If you send a few extra photos (as you should), make sure that they’re ones you love. Quality over quantity is key. You don’t want to send 70+ images if they’re A) all the same pose B) all the same frame C) just extra noise.

Always have an attention to detail. 

We notice the extra steps you put into a shoot: styling, attention to detail, props styling, in depth skin retouching and so much more. These little details can truly make the difference between a “good enough shoot” and an incredible production that your clients will praise for years on end. Take pride in what you do.

Keep these in mind for the next time you’re shooting client work – you never know what could be the difference in between consistent work and a slow month.

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