10 Influencer Marketing Agencies of 2019 That You Should Know

10 Influencer Marketing Agencies of 2018 That You Should Know

It seems that with every passing day, the industry of social media and influencer marketing continues to grow and expand into the advertising space. With no signs of slowing down, the evolution of influencer content is bound to make even larger strides in the new year.  

In the influencer industry, working with and being represented by an influencer marketing agency can often be the next logical step to expanding your network of clients and brand collaborations.

Working to continuously build your following and promote strong engagement through your social channels can allow you to be viewed as a vital candidate for influencer representation.

Considering that this is the time for you to evaluate your professional goals for the new calendar year, you will need to understand what an influencer marketing agency is and whether working with one is the best choice for you.

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

An influencer marketing agency is a full service agency that represents a roster of creative influencers across various social media platforms. An influencer marketing agency aims to build and create campaigns with their influencers in collaboration with specific brands and larger content marketing agencies.  

Influencer marketing agencies are fluent in social media, they live and breath the dynamics and practices necessary to thrive in our online social spaces.

Their main goal is to help brands and companies develop and hone their voice through social channels that appeal to their set audience. In order to be effective in promoting and selling their service or product, a brand will need to create an aesthetic that represents their voice and mission. Influencer marketing agencies help build these brand identities by crafting compelling and engaging content through campaigns and various forms of digital media.

The influencer marketing agency uses their influencers to help create the creative content and then build reach and engagement from their established social audiences. The idea is to access an influencer’s audience to ignite interest and attention for the client of the influencer agency.

Should You Work With an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Working with an influencer marketing agency can be a great way to gain access to a substantial database of clients. Large and established brands seek the help of influencer marketing agencies for their services and specific reputation within the social industry. This allows influencers to have the opportunity to work with brands and companies who they may have not have access to at this point in their career.

If you have been building your audience and influencer career for several years, then working with an agency could be a positive next step. While you may be focused on finding new opportunities and content projects that feel innovative and fresh, an influencer marketing agency can effectively help you navigate larger sponsorships and advertising placements.

Yet, if you are just starting off as a social influencer – seeking representation may be a move that is better suited in several months or even a year. An influencer marketing agency will be searching for influencers with a long and respected track record of working with a database of clients in their specific niche.

Since the agency’s clients will be established businesses, it is important to employ influencers who are experienced and understand how to fully navigate working with large scale brands.

On both sides of the spectrum, you need to remember that with an type of representation agency there will be a nominal fee that will be taken from your projects through the agency. The actual percentage will differ from each agency, but it seems that the number hovers around 20%.

A more established influencer with financial stability may not find this to be a problem. But if you are just beginning, you would be better off finding and negotiating your own partnerships until you can scale your influence.

As a general rule, deciding whether to work with an influencer marketing agency should be based on your personal career goals and the type of opportunities that will be available to you through representation.

How to Choose an Influencer Marketing Agency

As an influencer, you should work with influencer marketing agencies based on several factors including:

  • The type of clients they work with
  • The scale of campaigns that they produce and craft
  • The type of guidance and direction they offer their influencers
  • Their reputation in the social media industry
  • The feedback they receive from their clients

It is important to remember that the work you create with an influencer marketing agency will be a direct representation of your brand and the personal competencies you have within the social media space. This is why you should have a thorough look at the agencies past and current work and client projects in order to determine if you would be a correct fit.

If the agency does not work with brands in your niche, then it is a guarantee that it will not be a suitable professional match. Additionally, if you are interested in working with large scale, global companies, but the agency is more localized and focused within their specific city, then you will be working on projects and campaigns that don’t align with your creative strengths.

Choose an influencer marketing agency based on your own personal and professional interests, ideal project goals and the amount of support and guidance they can offer you through your process of creating, production and promoting the work for your client.

A solid influencer marketing agency will have a roster of successful clients, positive feedback from past projects and a true interest in the success of its influencer network.

The Top Influencer Marketing Agencies of 2018

2018 has been a strong year for influencer marketing. With multiple national and local campaigns employing the use of influencer content and marketing techniques, we have never seen a more timely approach to integrating the science of social media within our consumer behaviors.

This year, various agencies stood above the rest for their impressive content, expansive network of influencers and their massive global reach. Here is our list of the top influencer marketing agencies that dominated the social space in 2018:


Instagram: @im_agency
154 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Our first influencer marketing agency of 2018 is IMA Agency. Branding itself as the leading agency for digital influencer marketing, IMA “helps brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers.

Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach billions of people.”

IMA began in 2010 when the two founders began a fashion inspiration platform. Understanding the boom of digital influence, IMA was created in 2013 by Joost Nauta, Emilie Tabor and Maddie Raedts. Their goal was to create an agency for brands that were interesting in employing the skills of influential bloggers, vlogger and social media influencers.

The influencer statistics at IMA include:

  • 35,000 + influencers
  • 9.5 billion social followers
  • 10 billion total reach

Some of IMA’s clients include – Diesel, Nivea, Timex, Mini, Deliveroo, Media Markt, Starbucks Coffee, Samsung, Calvin Klein and more.

The global headquarters of the agency is located in Amsterdam and they also have an office in New York City.  If you’re interested in working with IMA as an influencer, you can fill out their contact form on their website here.

Viral Nation


Instagram: @viralnation
54 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

Our second influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Viral Nation. The agency creates “the most viral, captivating and ROI focused social media influencer campaigns for brands globally.” The agency focuses on influencer marketing as well as being an influencer talent agency and producing creative and media content.

Their influencer marketing process includes:

  • Establishing the brand or agency they will be working with
  • Cultivating a campaign and the creative elements surrounding it
  • Employing the use of the influencers they represent
  • Distributing the campaign to the intended audience
  • Measuring and tracking success through analytics

The agencies services also include paid social, programmatic, social experiential, social management and growth, start up incubator program, social media consulting, social media content and video content ad commercial.

Some of the brands Viral Nation has worked with include Angry Birds, Apple, Bud Light, Crayola, Match and Scotiabank.

If you’re an influencer interested in working with Viral Nation, you can fill out their contact form on their website here.

Hire Influence

Instagram: @hireinfluence
2002 Timberloch Place, Suite 200, The Woodlands, TX

Our third influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Hire Influence. As an agency with offices located throughout  the United States, Houston, Los Angeles and New York, Hire Influence is dedicated to telling the story of their clients.

They are a “white-glove influencer marketing agency that unites brands with respected voices and digital audience across the globe.” The agency was founded in 2011 and has been working in the creative influencer space to drive innovative strategies for brands and creative agencies.

Some of the clients at Hire Influence include Microsoft, Ebay, Gatorade, Oreo, Cosmopolitan, Payless, Adidas, Vanity Fair, Nilla, Ritz and DC Comics.

At Hire Influencer their services include:

  • All inclusive content strategies
  • Influencer casting and placement
  • Event on-site engagement support
  • Creative influencer experiences
  • Ongoing creative exposure
  • Brand consulting and training services

The influencer roster at Hire Influence consists of creators in the industries of entertainment, fashion, beauty, food, fitness, travel and lifestyle. They base their influencer criteria off of engagement ratios, audience insights, responsiveness, follower authenticity and niche and quality of content.

Their featured influencers include:

  • @BrightBazaar
  • @ToddCarey
  • @ArikaSato
  • @JustCreative
  • @StyleLullaby

You can read more about their network of content creators and influencers on their website here. 


Instagram: @tribe
3 Waterhouse Square, 138 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW

Our fourth influencer marketing agency of 2018 is the Tribe Group. The agency is internationally based with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, London and are in the process of opening an additional headquarters in New York. Tribe is a “self- serve marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers, helping brands find everyday people to celebrate them through beautiful content.”

The agency engages in creating two types of campaigns:

  • Influencer marketing campaign: Influencers create content that the brand approves and they then post it to their social feed.
  • Content Campaign: Generated branded content that can be licensed for a brand’s advertising channels.

Some of the agency’s clients include – Canon, Land Rover, Reese’s, Ikea, Dove and Corona.

If you’re an influencer, you can download Tribe’s application and begin working with their brand database. The statistics show that tribe has crafted 9,224 campaigns and paid their influencers 443,000 pounds last month.

The rate you earn depends on the number of followers you have for each social account. If you create video or motion, you can earn an average 25-50% higher revenue. To read more about their influencer program and database, visit their website here.

Red Pill

The Black and White Building, 74 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

Our fifth influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Red Pill. It is London’s leading agency for branded content and influencer marketing. Redpill “specializes in creating branded content that people want to share. By delivering strategy, creative, production and distribution under one roof, we’ve earned a track record for exceptional visibility, engagement and ROI.”

Some of the clients of Red Pill include Coca Cola, Jaguar, Hugo Boss, Samsung, Getty Images, Bacardi, Heineken and 20th Century Fox.

The agency engages in both influencer marketing and end to end production. They have 70,000+ macro and micro influencers across the social channels of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Redpill marks itself as agency that has unrivaled choice of influencers, data driven selection, end to end production and certified distribution strategies.

If you are interested in working with Red Pill as an influencer, you can use their contact form here.


Instagram: @everywhereagency
154 Krog Street Northwest, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30307

Our sixth influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Everywhere. According to their website, Everywhere is driving authentic conversations. “When it comes to social media and influencer marketing, we get it. Everywhere Agency has been evolving right along with the industry since 2009, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to foster connections between brands and their target audience through authentic content.”

The statistics for the influencer network at Everywhere are:

  • 5,000+ influencers in their network
  • 21+ awards and nominations
  • 30,000+ pieces of content created by our influencers for some of America’s top brands.

At Everywhere, their full list of services include influencer marketing and social media marketing. They have worked on branding campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola, Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book. Up TV and Guinness World Record.

If you’re interested in working with Everywhere as an influencer, you can access their contact form and application here.


Instagram: @pulseadvertising
6 Harrison St, FL 5 New York, NY 10013

Our seventh influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Pulse Advertising and Management. They consider themselves the global leading influencer marketing agency. and they have offices in Germany, New York, Milan and London.  

At Pulse, “We go beyond connecting brands with the world’s top content creators by providing an in-depth and holistic influencer marketing integration.” The agency’s tagline is that they live and love social media.

The process at Pulse includes:

  • Industry and Brand Strategy
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Campaign Strategy and Defining KPI”s
  • Influencer Screening and Selection
  • Client’s Feedback and Confirmation
  • Content Briefing and Scheduling
  • Campaign Execution
  • Reporting and Implications

The influencers at Pulse are specialized in fashion, beauty, fitness, travel and lifestyle. Clients they have recently worked with include: Adidas, H&M, Gucci, Cartier, Swatch, Chloe and Uber.

Some of their top influencers are @Kenzas, @CarolineReceveur, @VeronicaFerraro, @LovelyPepa and @MaryLeest.

To read more about their influencer database of over 20,000 creatives, you can visit their website here.


Instagram: @socialyteco
110 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012

Our eighth influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Socialyte. As the master of influencer relations, Socialyte is a “creative agency and content production studio. We are a team of brand strategists and talent managers who conceptualize digital campaigns based on a brand’s goals and distribute messaging helping reach today’s consumers and ultimately driving an intent to purchase.”

Socialyte was founded in 2011 and was the first influencer marketing agency. They have since helped create the industry. Their process includes creative content direction, strategy, casting, contracting, negotiating, executing and reporting. Their roster of influencers generate over 30 million global fans and have worked to reimagine client’s digital narrative.

Clients of the Socialyte include Saks Fifth, H&M, Biossance, ALDO, Hanes, Chanel, La Mer, Mont Blanc, Target, AWAY and many more.

To get in touch with Socialyte, influencers can reference their new creator form here.  


Facebook: @mediakix
2218 Main Street, Unit 201 Santa Monica, CA 90405

Our ninth influencer marketing agency of 2018 is MediaKix. Founded in 2011, Mediakix is the “leading influencer marketing agency connecting the world’s top brands with passionate socially engaged audiences through social media influencers and influencer marketing.”

The network at the agency is made up of publishers through blogs, YouTube and Instagram, reaching audiences in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, photography and tech industry. Mediakix estimates that their fan reach is over 25 million.

Mediakix focused on influencer marketing services as well as YouTube influencer marketing. Clients of Mediakix include Uber, Old Navy, Sony Pictures, David Yurman, Fossil, Birchbox and more.

To read more about the agency and work with them as an influencer, you can reference more information here.


Facebook: @strydedotcom
14183 Minuteman Dr, Suite #201, Draper, Utah 84020

Our tenth and final influencer marketing agency of 2018 is Stryde. They are an industry leading e-commerce marketing firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their agency is made up of marketers and business owners who understand how to help companies grow their brands through online and offline platforms. Their skills include influencer marketing, SEO, content creation, social media promotion and SEM/Paid Ads.

The influencer marketing process at Stryde consists of:

  • Influencer Identification and Selection
  • Campaign Creation and Execution
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Performance Tracking

Brands they have worked with include Rustico, Alex and Ani, Better Body Foods, Truthpaste, Lime Ricki Swimwear and Sports Illustrated.

If you’re interested in creating visual content and working with brands, you can fill out their influencer application here.

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