The 8 Top Beauty Bloggers On Instagram You Need To Know About

Beauty bloggers are more than makeup artists who post tutorials and give product reviews.

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These beauty bloggers are more than makeup artists who post tutorials and give product reviews. They are role models for a younger generation. They encourage girls to express themselves through the art of makeup. They inspire the confidence everyone needs in order to love themselves fully.

Instagram’s top beauty bloggers

To help you on your journey of self-acceptance, here are some of the top beauty bloggers on Instagram you need to know about.

1. Ellarie Noel

Ellarie posts miniature makeup tutorials on Instagram, explaining how she creates her dramatic looks that are perfect for a night out. Because of her easy-to-follow routines, she has a following of 1.3 million and earns a six-figure income. Her young daughter has already followed in her footsteps and went viral over a mommy-daughter hair tutorial.

2. Maryam Maquillage

After struggling to find work as a college graduate, Maryam started writing a blog that unexpectedly took off. With the help of her videographer boyfriend, she built a following and now has over one million followers on Instagram where she posts high-quality makeup looks. Even at such a young age, Maryam has already collaborated with Maybelline, Lancome, and Loreal, earning her spot as a beauty guru.

3. Huda Kattan

Huda is the most popular beauty blogger in the Middle East. She originally majored in finance before attending a beauty school and working as a professional makeup artist. Now, she has 27.7 million Instagram followers and runs her own cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty, which contains gorgeous lipsticks, foundations, and eye shadow palettes you can find inside Sephora.

4. Deepica Mutyala

As a teenager, Deepica had trouble finding makeup shades to match her skin tone. She would have to purchase multiple products and mix them together in order to achieve the right look. Now that she is older, she is creating tutorials and giving product reviews that she wished she could have found when she was young. She is on a mission to change beauty standards.

5. Felicia Walker

Felicia posts Instagram stories that showcase her extensive skincare routines. She gives tips on how to diminish acne, how to reduce pore size, and how to deal with dark spots (which you can watch from the highlights on her page). She has unending advice for women across the globe who have been having problems dealing with their appearance because she knows the importance of healthy skin.

6. Pat McGrath

Pat has been given the title of the most influential makeup artist in the world by Vogue. She is known for her unique makeup techniques, like using her hands as opposed to brushes. She has dealt with dozens of celebrity clients over the years, from Cara Delevigne to Cardi B.

7. Robin Black

Robin is a professional makeup artist, photographer, and founder of Beauty Is Boring. She has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Allure, and Vanity Fair. However, when she was younger, she had no idea she would make a career out of a love for makeup. She went to college for biochemistry and worked in tech for years. After making a switch, now she is in the studio testing new products and creating makeup looks, which you can find on her Instagram!

8. Nyma Tang

Nyma grew in popularity after a series where she tested foundations to see if they were dark enough for her skin tone. Even though most consider her a makeup reviewer, she also posts about her nails, fashion, and travels on her page.

Make sure you follow these beauty bloggers on Instagram because they will inspire you to take better care of your skin, love yourself, and learn how to apply your makeup in a way that makes you feel more confident than ever before.

If you have more beauty bloggers to add to this list, please add them in the comments!