Female Poses That Will Get You More Followers On Instagram

Master these female poses if you want to up your Instagram game.

Photo by Zachary Raber

If you want to take high-quality Instagram photos, you need to master the female poses that are most flattering to your face and body type. Once you learn the right female poses to position yourself in front of the camera, you are going to look as beautiful as any of the professional models you have been following.

Looking Away From The Camera

Instead of making direct eye contact with the camera, look away. Act like you have no idea you are having your photograph taken. Such a candid pose will look more natural — and it will make you feel much more comfortable since you aren’t staring directly at the camera and making yourself even more nervous.

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Looking Over Your Shoulder

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Instead of having the front of your body face the camera, which can make you appear bigger, you should stand sideways to appear slimmer. Of all the female poses, staring over your shoulder casually will make it look like the camera caught you off-guard. Even better, you can create a sultry photograph with your exposed shoulder but don’t have to show any cleavage or thigh.

Hands In Your Hair

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You should never leave your hands flush against your body in photographs because, out of all the possible female poses, this can make you appear bigger. You should always leave empty space between your arms and torso. The best way to do this is by placing your hands in your hair or against a prop like a hat or sunglasses.

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Body Tilted Sideways

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Tilt your body to your ‘good’ side and tilt your head to the ‘good’ side. Practice in your mirror beforehand to learn your best angles so you are prepared by the time you step in front of the camera. And never forget to smile with your eyes!

Hand On Face

Collective World

If you’re not sure what you should do with your hands, try placing them against your face. If you are insecure about a certain pimple on your cheek or a smudge of makeup, you can casually cover it up without anyone realizing.

Legs Crossed

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You are allowed to sit in photographs. You are even allowed to slouch in photographs. Instead of taking all your pictures while standing, find a chair and get comfortable. Try sitting the way you normally would without a camera present because sometimes the best pictures are unplanned.


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You look the most beautiful when you are smiling. That is why you should search for a photographer who will be able to make you smile a real smile and catch it on camera before you even notice your picture is being taken. The more authentic the laughter looks, the better.

Arm Crossed

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Even though you might be focused on sucking your stomach in and standing up straight during photoshoots, you should really try striking the most casual stance you can. The more relaxed you look, the better the picture will come out.

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The Fish Gape

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This pose requires you to part your lips slightly without smiling. It will give you a sultry look without seeming like you are putting in too much effort because the best photographs appear effortless.

Hands In Pockets

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If you are wearing jeans or a jacket with pockets, place your hands inside with your thumbs sticking out of the edges. You can do the same thing if you are wearing a belt. It will give you a more casual feel which is perfect for street style looks.

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Blank Expression

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You don’t have to make any silly faces when you are having your photograph taken. You can snap a few serious pictures where you are staring directly into the camera. It will give you a chance to show off your eyes.