How To Get The Most Out Of An IG Business Account

Should you use an IG Business Account? Here’s how to get the most out of your social profile.

IG Business Account
IG Business Account | Photo by Michelle Terris

Since releasing the business account feature, Instagram now makes it easier than ever to track important stats such as follower demographics and photo insights. This is a great tool if you’re trying to build your page, your following or even your brand.

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You will need a Facebook page, not just a profile, in order to set up a business account. To switch over, click the Settings icon in the top right of your profile and navigate to “Switch to Business Profile”. This will allow you to select the Facebook page of your choice and boom, that’s it.

These are some of our favorite features of a business account:

Why You Need An IG Business Account

Story Highlights

Story Highlights are one of the newest features Instagram has released for its business accounts.

These highlights allow you to save select stories so people can easily find them directly on your profile. These are great for promoting sales, blog posts, photo edits or anything you want your audience to know when first clicking onto your profile.

You can even name each story so people know exactly what you’re posting. To add a story to your Highlights, click the heart icon in the bottom right of your story and simply add a title to post.


IG Business Account IG Business Account

Analytics are one of most important features of having a business account. Not only does it tell you stats such as follower increase/decrease, it also shows you follower demographics such as gender, age and location.

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Our favorite feature is the follower activity, which you can use to see when your followers are most active by both day and time. We recommend experimenting with these times to find when you receive the most engagement on your posts.

To view your own analytics, tap the graph icon in the top right of your business profile.


IG Business Account

Having a business account also gives you the ability to create and run promotions, or ads, directly through Instagram.

These can give you greater visibility and reach to people who may not have found your profile organically. You can create your promotions easily using previous posts and captions from your feed. To start your own, click your Analytics tab and scroll to the bottom to “Create Promotion”.

This allows you to choose a previous post to use for the ad and will take you through Facebook to finish setting it up.


IG Business Account While Insights are slightly different from Analytics, they are great for providing “insight” into each individual post.

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These stats include how many likes, comments, saves, profile visits and reach your photo received. Instagram also recently included a new feature that allows you to swipe up to see more about how people discovered your post. Such as from their home feed, from hashtags or directly from your profile.

You can even see how many people took Actions such as clicking “Follow” after seeing your photo. To see this full report, simply tap “View Insights” on your photo and swipe the toolbar up.

If you’re ready to take your Instagram to the next level, don’t forget to sign up for a business account and take advantage of its awesome features. Have you made the switch yet?

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