The Rise Of Instagram Photography (And Where Things Are Going)

Here’s why Instagram photography is so insanely popular right now.

Instagram Photography

Instagram photography is definitely on the rise, and photographers at every level of experience are flocking to the social media platform to promote their work. One appeal of Instagram photography is that there aren’t really any rules or guidelines, so you’re completely in charge of the creative direction of your account. Through Instagram, a photographer can essentially create an online portfolio showcasing their best work to people from around the world and develop a personal brand to draw in clients from the comfort of their own home. It is an easy, efficient way to get your art in front of as many different eyes as possible.

The Rise Of Instagram Photography

There are really no barriers to entry on Instagram, which features a wide variety of photographic styles and welcome photographers of all types. There are wedding photographers, street photographers, nature photographers, and commercial photographers with millions of followers. As long as a photographer picks a theme and stays consistent with it, scrolling through their account feels like scrolling through an online portfolio.

Instagram photography is rising in popularity because when a photographer posts their work online, they are able to receive instant reactions and instant criticisms. They do not have to send their resume away and wait for a response from a professional. They can test out different types of shots and see what real people like the best so they know what they should be doing more of in the future and what they should cut down on. They can learn what works and what doesn’t without any risk but a large potential for reward.

When photographers post their work on Instagram, they are getting free exposure. They are getting the opportunity to show their work to the world. If someone stumbles across their page and likes what has been posted, that person might hire the photographer. If a company likes the overall aesthetic of an account, they might reach out to the photographer for a position in the company. Posting on Instagram gives photographers the potential to join a successful business or to ow their own.

In addition to growing their audience, posting their photography online is also a form of validation. Everyone, especially everyone working in a creative field, thrives on reviews. They want reassurance that they’re doing a good job. They want to know they’re headed in the right direction. They want to know they are not foolishly following their dreams and actually have a chance to make a living doing what they love. By posting on Instagram, they are able to gain confidence in their abilities. They will see all the likes they have acquired and it will motivate them to keep going, to never give up.

Photographers who are passionate about what they are doing care more about the impact they are making than the money they are earning. That is why, even if they do not get paid for their posts in the beginning while they are still growing their account, they are happy to work for free. They are happy to share their shots with the world because they believe those shots deserve to be seen. Photographers who are passionate about their art are always excited for it to be seen by as many people as possible.

Where Is Instagram Photography Going Next?

Instagram has only been gaining more and more popularity over time. If the trend continues, in the future, photographers will be able to do more than showcase their work on Instagram and grow their following by posting onto their page. They will also be able to get paid consistently for their photographs directly through this social media platform. They will be able to collaborate with others who have a similar aesthetic and receive revenue for the pictures they post to their account. They will be able to do what they love for a living and make money off of it, which is every photographer’s dream.