The 7 Best Instagram Hashtags For Photographers

The 7 Best Instagram Hashtags For Photographers

Instagram hashtags for photographers are more important than you might think. If you want to become a professional photographer, taking stunning snapshots is only half of the battle. The rest of the time, when your camera is down, you need to be able to market yourself well.

Since Instagram is a popular place to post photographs, you should take advantage of the platform. Post your highest quality shots and make sure you include relevant hashtags that will draw attention to your art.

Instagram hashtags for photographers

In order to help you grow your account, here are some of the best Instagram hashtags for photographers:

1. Generic Hashtags

Examples: #instagood, #instaphoto, #photooftheday, #instadaily

These are hashtags anyone can use in relation to food, beauty, sports, or photography. If you use one of these hashtags, then your photograph might get lost amongst the shuffle because the competition is high. However, if you are just starting out as a photographer and looking to grow, you might want to throw a few into your caption to increase your reach.

2. Photographer Hashtags

Examples: #justgoshoot, #throughthelens, #photography, #visuals

These hashtags are still generic and used by millions of people every single day. However they are more specific and primarily used by photographers. Anyone searching through these tags will expect to see high-quality images from photographers, not only selfies and candid shots on a phone camera.

3. Technical Hashtags

Examples: #longexposure, #vignette, #ruleofthirds, #manualfocus

These hashtags are not as popular as the previous two sets because they are more specific. Only people who are knowledgable about photography will use these search terms. When that happens and someone stumbles across you, they might follow you. They might even ask you to collab with them! Just make sure you only use the hashtags that are relevant to the picture you are posting or you will draw negative attention instead of luring more followers.

4. Portrait Photography Hashtags

Examples: #postmoreportraits, #portraiture, #pursuitofportrait, #portraitsociety

You are not always going to use the same tags. You are going to change them based on the type of content you are posting. If you are uploading a photograph of a person or a group of people, then you can use these high-engagement tags to increase your chances of getting likes and followers. You can also tag the person within the photograph in the hopes they will share it across their platforms while giving you credit the same way you have credited them.

5. Landscape Photography Hashtags

Examples: #landscapelovers, #scenicview, #earthscope, #nakedplanet

If your photograph focuses on the presence of nature, then you should use these landscape hashtags. They are perfect for mountain ranges, forests, beaches, and flower gardens. Remember: You can use up to thirty hashtags in each photo you post so take full advantage of the opportunity. The more hashtags you use, the higher your chances of being noticed.

6. Street Photography

Examples: #streetgrammer, #capturestreets, #streetleaks, #storyofthestreet

Street photography is also known as candid photography. It includes pictures taken of random people and incidents in public places. This can (but does not have to) include people, a street, or an urban environment. If you consider a shot street photography, then throw these hashtags into the mix.

7. Travel Photography

Examples: #worldexplorer, #travelbug, #instapassport, #postcardplaces

If you are traveling across the globe to take pictures, you should include these hashtags along with specifics about your location. You can even tag your location so anyone who is considering taking a vacation in the spot sees your photograph during their search.

If you want to become a successful photographer, then you cannot skimp when it comes to hashtags. Fill your Instagram captions with as many relevant tags as possible because they could lead to your work being seen by people who will cherish it.