10 Things You Should Know About Marketing

Photo by Matthew Warren

With the emergence and rise of social media, marketing has become increasingly important. You don’t have to be a huge advertising firm or growing company to utilize marketing. Personal marketing across your social channels is highly recommended, which is why H put together some essential tips you should adopt into the daily lives that will make you, yourself, and your own personal brand more relatable to your audience. The days of Mad Men are long since passed, but that doesn’t mean that some of the tactics used can’t be brought back in 2018. I came from an English background, everyone assumed I would be a teacher, and I never thought that I could use marketing/communications in my everyday life, but I was wrong. I have used more marketing tools and practices since I graduated from college two years ago than I ever imagined. Read on to find out the things you could be doing to help sell yourself to an audience, I promise you won’t regret it.

1. Tell the truth; it will always be better than a really good lie

Remember, advertising or selling something is not minded control. It’s not about changing people’s beliefs and making them do things they don’t want to, it’s about persuading people to do a little bit more of what they are already doing. After all, there’s not a lot of money in telling people that they are wrong about something, the success of marketing is explaining to people that what they are doing is right and that they need to keep doing whatever it is with the help of you.

2. Always know what the problem is made of before trying to solve it

As creatives, we tend to spend a lot of time brainstorming and thinking about what we will do before actually doing it. This is still valuable in the marketing world although, it can often be perceived as a waste of time. Remember, that it is not a waste but a valuable part of the creative process. The answer to a problem will come from looking at all of its’ parts, but you can’t see the big and small pictures at the same time. Distractions are exactly what you need in order to get closer to the solution.

3. To sell something whether it be a product or an idea you must be ready to seduce and talk to the audience about what interests them most

In order to do this, you must grab their attention. Here is the basic premise, which is something that I often use in my Instagram captions. If the first part of a speaker’s statement confuses, the second part must clarify, and the same in reverse if the first part clarifies then the second should confuse. Essentially you want to make it impossible for people to have one without the other. Engagement is what it is all about and when you give the brain something they have to solve its human nature to get involved.

4. Freedom does not improve creativity

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of creative marketing and advertising. There needs to be structure and if you give creative people a tight brief, with a list of mandatory elements and almost no way to make the project interesting, and they will be able to think outside the box.

5. Four fundamental questions

Always ask yourself these four fundamental questions when trying to sell anything. (This includes yourself).

  • What is it?
  • Why does someone need it right now?
  • What separates or makes it different than other things?
  • Who else thinks it’s worth it?

When you are able to answer these questions intriguingly, truthfully, and memorable then you will be advertising yourself successfully.

Photo by Matthew Warren

6. Differentiating and why you should do it

When you differentiate something you are finding a new way to set it apart from similar things in the market. Taglines are one of the most effective ways to easily state what’s different about you and your business. When I say tagline I mean a declaration of your promise to the audience. It should be as catchy, true, and memorable as possible. Like. “You’re in good hand with Allstate.” However, be careful because once it’s out there you can’t take it back. This a public commitment.

7. Content isn’t always king

We all think that it is, but in that case, we are misinterpreting content. Content is something that is made without talent, motivation, or commitment. If you want to truly motivate a human being then you must create a gripping story or a work of art through writing, visuals, and other forms of media.

8. Know your motivation

If you are passionate about what you are doing then you won’t necessarily be motivated by the money. You should know what you are driven by as well as others either you teammates or competitors. It’s helpful to know what you want, but it’s even more helpful to know what you don’t want.

9. Empathy is your key to success

We all should have experienced empathy in our lives. Having the ability to be empathetic allows you to understand what people are doing and why. You must be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to persuade them to do anything at all, without that level of understanding you will never achieve what you set out to do.

10. Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is part of success. You won’t know one without the other. Be brave, try new things and remember that no matter what happens you can always start again.

What are some your marketing tips? Share with us in the comments below. Needing more information how to land sponsorships? Check out our recent article HERE