How To Stay Organized As A Photographer

Invest in a scheduling tool, app, or planner/calendar

As your schedule gets busier, being organized is key. In order to keep track of your clients, appointments, meetings, and photo shoots invest in a calendar or online tool that keeps all your commitments in one place.

There are options for free or for purchase; you can even use something as simple as Google Calendar, where your appointments can be synced between your computer and mobile phone.

Create a professional a ‘workspace’

This is necessary, especially for freelancers or creatives who work from home—have a place that is designated for work only. This will lessen stress and keep you feeling (and appearing) professional.

You also want to ensure you have a work-specific area so that if you host clients in your home, all your equipment is in one place and you aren’t disorganized or wasting time searching for an item that you need.

(Photo by Zachary Leung)

Itemize and organize your expenses

Keeping records of your expenses, finances, and projects is essential. Whether you’re using a ledger, spreadsheet, or specific program, be sure to list your expenses, keep your receipts, and organize your prices so that you are always prepared if a client wants to negotiate a contract, or you need to run a report for taxes.

*Tip: Keep paper copies, but also take photos of your receipts, invoices, etc. so that you have a digital copy, just in case. You may also want to share content to Dropbox/Cloud etc. or keep paper items in a safe for emergencies.

Use scheduling/automation tools for social media

If you’re busy, the last thing you want to do is sacrifice your social media presence while working. Instead, tap into scheduling or automation apps and services so that you can stay active on social accounts, even while you’re presently doing a shoot.

Organize your photos digitally

There is nothing more frustrating than taking photos, uploading them to your computer, and not knowing where to find them. As you upload, make sure you label your photo album not only with the name of the event, but the date and other pertinent information so that it’s easy to search, find, and make additional edits later.

Purchase a carrying case or other transport option

Having your items all in one place while you’re on the go will not only help you look more professional but help you stay organized as you travel for a shoot. There are plenty of options for carrying cases, bags, backpacks, etc. Invest in something that works for you.

(Photo by Amanda Saunders)

Set (measurable) goals

Create goals to track and measure your progress as your business grows. These can be in terms of clients, the number of projects, social media ideas, or website/blog building, etc.

Having something you can measure will not only keep you motivated but encourage you to build yourself, rather than staying stagnant and comfortable.

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