10 Videographers You Need to Know

The Hub is a platform that is brings together talented and creative photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists. In this article, we want to spotlight some of our most talented motion makers, the artists whose moving imagery inspires us to connect and create.

Here are 10 videographers on the Hub that you need to know:


Leandro Marte is part of our Core H here at the Hub and is a commercial director based in New York City. He is a master of transitions, with the motion that is effortlessly smooth and flawless, he knows how to seamlessly connect each individual shot. His has the innate ability to create a story and capture the attention of the viewer right from the start. You can view his work here.


Austin Piwinski is a videographer based in Detroit, Michigan. His work is comprised of stunning travel films combining a mixture of portrait, landscape, and Drone work. His editing style is bright, alluring and captures the true essence of his surroundings. His work exudes feelings of youth, wanderlust and the pursuit of adventure. You can view his work here.


Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg is a videographer based in Boston. Her work features a selection of travel destinations, friends, and culture to create cinematic, short films. She utilizes her own style of color grading as well as effectively integrates movement and transitions to compose her story. You can view her work here.


Josh Gordon is a videographer based in Washington, D.C. His videography niche is within the music, entertainment industry creating videos that cover a range of artists’ music videos to live concert events. He has a specific shooting and editing style that makes his work clearly recognizable. When watching his films, it is clear he is a creator that brings a unique vision and direction to his clients. You can view his work here.


Melville Mckee is a videographer out of Los Angeles, California. Focused on creating videos in the fitness/lifestyle sector – his films are of high intensity and rapid movement. He creates a series of vantage points to draw in the viewer while using an array of compositions to highlight the action of his story. You can view his work here.



Majiye Uchibeke is a videographer based out of California. He specializes in working with artists to create music videos and also creates short fashion films. He has unique editing style, creating videos comprised of varying angles and viewpoints, each flowing with ease to tell a story for the audience. You can find his work here.


Younes Kas is a videographer from Calgary. His video work is comprised of fitness and fashion lifestyle films. The location for his shoots is varied with some featured in a gym setting and others in beautiful natural landscapes such as the beaches of California. His strength lies in capturing the personality of his subject and creating high-intensity clips that create captivating motion. You can view his work here.


Jake Hilger is a videographer from Huntington Beach, California. His films have an exuberant and youthful essence, with work that spans across the commercial to music to travel platforms. He thrives in capturing the emotion from his subjects and creating an alluring world within his creative vision. He also dabbles in both digital and Super 8 format to compose his stories. You can find his work here.


Aleksandra Lason is an action sports videographer from California. His recent work includes capturing skate festivals in Long Beach as well as working with brands within the sports industry. He creates motion graphics as well as integrates the use of cinemagraphs into his films. His work highlights the speed and intensity of his industry, creating videos that effectively grab the attention of his audience. His work can be found here.


Erald Kraja is a videographer from Albania and currently based out of New York. His work can only be described as cinematic, emotional and full of pure mood. Watching his short films ignite a true sense of emotion and connection with his subject. Mostly set in the streets of New York, we cannot help but feel the romance between artist and city. You can view his work here.

Do you have any favorite videographers on the Hub? Drop us a link to their work in the comments below!