10 Incredible 35mm Photographers on The Hub

There are currently over 30,000 uniquely talented photographers, models, videographers, makeup artists, and stylists on The Hub. The list below is made up of ten of our favorite 35mm photographers.

35mm Photographers
35mm Photographers | Photo by Kassidy Renee Paige

No matter how advanced technology gets, there’s something timeless and unbeatable about film – the tonal range, the milky quality and the process.

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Yes, in the long run, it’s more expensive, but you can’t put a price on slowing down and making the most of every single frame. I picked these creators as our film photographers to watch because they have all, in their own way, breathed fresh life into an “old” medium.

10 Best 35mm Photographers

Ulysses Ortega 

Krissy Saleh 

Kassidy Renee Paige

Daniel Primero

Alina Celik

Dannah Gottlieb

John Thatcher

Brock Sanders

Brian Venth

Lawrence Braun

We hope this list inspires you to pick up the nearest film camera and start documenting your life more slowly, while thinking about how to get the most out of every single photo.

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