Staying Positive When In A Modeling Rut

During the winter months are hard, as there’s usually a slow time for modeling bookings. Once November hits most of the paid commercial work has come to a close and so begins the winter months, or a huge modeling slow season. Due to the cold, people are out shooting less and, since it’s not major commercial season, companies aren’t hiring. While the slow season gets many models down, it’s also a time to grow and have some fun!

  • With less paid commercial bookings, you’re able to book your own portfolio shoots. It’s a perfect time to focus on shoots that you want to do and your own shoot ideas. As a model, you’ll finally have time to book shoots you’re looking forward to doing, not obligated to do. You’re also free to spill some creative juices and come up with fun and unique shoots that are one’s you’ve always wanted to do, but you’d probably not submit to clients or publish. You’re also free to work with whomever you’d like to work with. You’re not obligated to work with the hair/makeup artists you’re always working with. In this time you can find new talent, who will give you a different look and who has potential to produce future work. Oftentimes clients don’t want to take risks on their crew, hiring the best, but it’s always good to try to work with new and upcoming people. For example, if you want a body paint shoot in your offseason, you could find a MUA who is new to bodypainting and try painting on denim or other cool styles.
  • While the weather is cold, it’s important to keep things going in your own personal life. The down season is a great time to accomplish personal goals, travel or even just hang out with friends. By just getting out you’ll keep your spirits up and get inspired by life. Spending time with friends is a great way to pass the time, share stories and images and will help you get inspired and ready to get going again when more people are shooting. Share images, concepts, connections and relax.
  • Traveling to warmer locations is a great opportunity to keep shooting, or even just going on vacation. Shooting in new locations, such as California or internationally like Mexico, can give you a fresh location to shoot and warmer weather to get outside. These locations give a fresh perspective and a new scenery to your shoots that you otherwise wouldn’t have time for when you’re busy.

Remember that this is only a down season and doesn’t mean your career is over. Everyone’s careers has their ups and downs, which includes your busy seasons and seasons when no one is shooting. Having a slow season isn’t a reflection of your abilities or popularity as a model. While taking it personally, just stay positive and remember it’s just a slow season!

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