Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

Grow Your Instagram
Grow Your Instagram

It’s no secret that growing an Instagram account is hard work. Whether it’s posting great content, engaging with others. Utilizing IG stories and writing thoughtful captions, building a following online can be a long, tedious process. But, there is one way to quickly put your content in front of brand new eyes while also growing your followers.

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How To Grow Your Instagram

Feature accounts exist across all niches of photography. Many with hundreds of thousands of followers.

One of the easiest ways to get on these large pages is to include their brand hashtags and tagging their profile in your photos. Not only can a feature on one of these pages quickly build followers. There’s also the chance that another feature page will see your photo and repost it on their own account as well.

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From adventure pages to portraits and wedding inspiration. Here are our favorite feature pages for photography. 

Grow Your Instagram With Feature Pages

Feature Page: @portraitfeed

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages
While some feature portrait accounts have millions of followers, it can also be difficult to find your photo among so many hashtags under those pages.

@portraitfeed is the perfect balance of awesome imagery and a great community of photographers with its 27,000 followers. You’ll find unique portraits along with a healthy dose of creativity.

Want to be featured on @portraitfeed? Tag your images and use the hashtag #PortraitFeed.

Feature Page: @relax_youreincali

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

With more than 18,000 followers, @relax_youreincali is definitely one of the most consistent feature accounts for California.

Managed by Hub member Jacob Barrera, new posts are uploaded almost daily for major inspiration featuring the best spots in the Golden State. If you’d like to be featured on their page, use the hashtag #RelaxYoureInCali. Not located in California?

Do a quick search on Instagram using your state or even city name, or check to see if your tourism board features photos on their account as well to tag.

Feature Page: @ourplanetdaily

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages
From stunning landscape photos to some of the most amazing drone images, @ourplanetdaily shares posts from all around the world.

This feature account is about “earth, nature, and wildlife” with everything from the lakes of Canada to the fields in Bali. Nearly all of the photos are geotagged with their location. So, you can explore on your own if you see a spot you love.

With its more than 2 million followers, we recommend tagging @ourplanetdaily in both your photo, caption and using their hashtag #OurPlanetDaily if you’d like to be featured.

Feature Page: @bnw_planetGrow Your Instagram with Feature Pages
Any photographers who shoot in black and white will love @bnw_planet’s feature page.

While nearly all of their photos are in black and white. They also post one “color of the day” image as well to break up their feed. The account consists of portraits, landscapes, silhouettes.

So, photographers of all areas are free to submit their own photos using their hashtag #BNW_PLANET_2018.

To see more black and white images, check out photographers such as Mike Spicer on The Hub.

Feature Page: @wedphotoinspiration

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

Whether you’re planning a wedding, need some inspiration or just love looking at photos of love, @wedphotoinspiration has it all.

While many wedding feature accounts post simply dress and bridal photos. This profile shares wedding images from all cultures, countries, and ages. You’ll find photos from the middle of the desert to waterfalls and even the ocean.

While the page has no branded hashtag. Their bio instructs you to tag them in your photos if you’d like to be featured. Want even more weddings? Check out some of our wedding photographers on The Hub like Rach Martin and Paul Gargagliano.

Feature Page: @waitingontheworld

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

As one of the most long-lasting and popular feature accounts over the years, @waitingontheworld features some of the most creative images on Instagram.

From neon lights and moody portraits. To drone and landscape photography, the account has amassed a following of more than 654,000 followers.

@waitingontheworld is also managed by some of our very own Hub members including Leslie Cortes and Harri Gilbert. Just use their hashtag #ftwotw for a chance to be featured on the account.

Feature Page: @postthepeople

Grow Your Instagram with Feature Pages

Originally created to “share photos and stories of the most important thing in our lives: People”, @postthepeople now has more than 83,000 followers.

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From lush, green coastlines to the mountains of Zion, this feature account is diverse in images, genders, and locations. Variety is found all throughout the feed which makes it one of our favorites to scroll through. You can use their hashtag #PostThePeople for a chance to get featured on their account.

Do you have a favorite feature account to follow? Let us know some of the pages you’ve been featured to grow your Instagram, connect with us on social at @h_collective