What We Wish Photographers Knew, xo Models

from model to photographer
Lauren Rebecca Roth

I have so much respect for photographers. Their job is incredibly difficult and there are so many elements to photography and a multitude of jobs within the photography job (i.e. editing, equipment care, etc.). While there are a lot of challenges within photography, there are also a lot of elements that go into being a model that are glossed over by other creatives. Oftentimes with the miscommunication, models and photographers can feel disconnected.

From Model to Photographer

Here are three things I wish photographers knew, from a model’s point of view:

Professionalism is Key

From model to photographer: I see models being ripped apart frequently for being unprofessional, but there are also photographers acting less professional than models.

I get so many messages each day asking simply, “Down to shoot?” or something to that extent, with no details or information. As a model, when I receive messages like this it does not seem like a serious inquiry and therefore don’t respond to these messages.

Photographers, just like models are often late or, as I’ve experienced before don’t respond to following up on shooting or just don’t show up to a scheduled shoot.

How to fix this. Follow up with models and crew. Make sure everyone is on the same page.
Send a message that lists all of the details including:

  • Name, contact information, links to portfolio
  • Moodboard/Styles you want to shoot
  • Dates/Times/Locations you’re looking to shoot at
  • Crew (i.e. wardrobe, hair/makeup)

Models Have a Lot of Work Pre & Post Shoot

from model to photographer: The amount of work and pressure that goes into being a photographer is more than I can imagine.

Something I’ve been told frequently by photographers—especially new/young Instagram photographers—is how I wouldn’t understand how hard it is to be a photographer and models have it so easy.

It is definitely not easy. There’s a lot of work that models have to do before and after a shoot.Before and after shooting models have to workout, diet, maintain clear skin, plot out the shoot they’re about to go on, attend castings and then plan for after the shoot.

Everyone has a lot of work to do before and after shooting, and models are no different. It’s a lot of work so please don’t minimize the work that models do.

Reputation is More Important Than You Think

From model to photographer: When shooting with anyone, it’s important to do your research.

With all of the sexual assault happening frequently within the entertainment industry, you can never be too careful. Models, just as photographers, should do research on who they’re working with.

By asking other models, companies, or looking at comments/articles on creatives, you’re able to potentially save yourself from a negative experience shooting. Building your reputation is one of the most important things a creative can do.

It’s something that models take into consideration when working with you. Word spreads fast, and models talk to protect each other, that’s why reputation is your best asset.What you can do. 

I will go more in depth into this in another upcoming blog post, but what it boils down to is making genuine connections with people and being a good person.

Don’t try to force your personality, be yourself and be comfortable with who you are and your work. Being respectful will get you the furthest.

With everything going on in our world today, it’s so important to treat others with kindness and respect. By showing respect to models, and not over sexualizing or abusing them, more high quality creatives and brands will want to work with you since your reputation is brand friendly.

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