“Nice Photo! You Must Have An Expensive Camera!”

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In case you haven’t heard, “Nice photo! You must have an expensive camera!” is the worst thing to say to a photographer. It’s like saying “Wow congrats on passing your final exam, you must have had a really nice pencil!” Like most camera misconceptions, it has nothing to do with the instrument. It has everything to do with the talent of the user.

Sure, an expensive camera can take some great photos but it doesn’t do it by itself. It takes a skilled operator to make it capture moments to its full potential. Put me in a fully built drift car and I can guarantee you that I won’t be putting that thing sideways anytime soon.

Going Against the Expensive Camera Misconception

That being said, I decided to challenge myself.

I was in The Bahamas last week and I wanted to prove the point that you can capture beautiful moments with any camera. I did so by using a camera that you either have in your pocket or are holding in your hand right now… an iPhone (which isn’t a bad camera at all actually).

And to take the challenge to another level, I decided to only edit the photo on my phone and I decided to edit in VSCO.

I posted a handful of my iPhone photos below, so if you find yourself saying

“Wow these are pretty good,” realize that I didn’t take these with a $6,000 camera setup.

I used the same camera that you use for SnapChat and you can too! So what’s the lesson here? Talent can’t be bought, it takes a lot of time, passion, and commitment.

So whether it be photography, music, or whatever else you love doing, invest yourself completely so that you can make a lot of out nothing and build yourself a legacy around what you love to do.

Go against the expensive camera misconception and show people that no matter what, you can’t buy talent.

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