Hiring A Photographer Is The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Linda Rose

Sure, you have an iPhone. Sure, you bought your own Nikon camera, but maybe it’s just collecting dust or maybe you really don’t know how to work it. If you are a brand, a company, or someone looking to have professional photos done (hello job offers!), here’s some tea. Hiring a photographer is the best investment you’ll ever make. Here’s why.

They’ll provide quality.

How can that be a definite? Well, pros are pros for a reason, right? They have the high quality equipment and they know what to do with it. They’ll spend 30+ hours editing and retouching the photos. They answer your phone calls and emails and all your questions. Not only is all of that time consuming, but it’s utter dedication.

I mean, you wouldn’t want someone to take a photo of you and edit with VSCO, right? (No hating on VSCO, because we love them, but if you want a professional photo with professional edits…VSCO isn’t the way to do it).

You have the vision, but they make it happen.

Not only do they have the expensive, high-quality equipment (camera, lenses, lights, editing softwares) but they have the drive to do it. I’m not saying that you’re not driven enough to take and edit your own photos — I’m saying that they can do it and probably better.

If you are the client, and they want to impress you, they will go above and beyond to make things great. They’ll notice things that could be perfected and they will make. it. happen.

For example, let’s say you have a vision in mind for your wedding and you want the photographer to execute it. You want a beautiful shot of the bride and groom kissing but you want it to be extra special, somehow. The photographer will get that shot and find the light between your two bodies when you embrace. And when you look back at the photo years later, you’ll be able to feel exactly what you felt in that moment.

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They notice the little things.

…and they capture those moments.

If a photographer is shooting for a company, they’ll go above and beyond to make sure the product is executed and shown off properly. For example, if it’s a jewelry brand, they’ll find the sunlight and the way it hits the necklace just right. Or maybe it’s a coffee company, and they see the way the foam floats or the way the steam sits heavy above the coffee mug.

If it’s a wedding or a family event of some kind, you’d want to keep those memories forever, because after all, after all the food is eaten; the decorations get put away; the music is turned off; the flowers die, all you have left are photos to savor those moments.

Photographers see it all.

They notice the big things and the little things. Sometimes they notice things that you might not even see – but that’s what makes them so important. They’ll be able to capture the moments that you want to cherish forever.