To Be Or Not To Be Influenced By Social Media: A Q&A With Kelby Reck

We talked with Kelby Reck, a fashion and editorial photographer from Kansas City. No matter if it’s a digital or a film photo, there’s something about his photos that are so clean and crisp and we just needed to know how and why he does what he does. Is he influenced by social media? Definitely. But how? We just had to ask.

Interview with Editorial Photographer Kelby Reck

When did you realize you were passionate about photography?

Honestly whenever I thought I was going to be a landscape photographer. I was living in California at the time and going to all the beautiful national and state parks it was hard to not be inspired.

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Do you prefer film or digital? What do you usually use to shoot and edit?

Overall I prefer digital, but I’ve been using film significantly more. I currently use a Canon 5D mark iii and edit with photoshop.

What kind of camera would you recommend for someone who is just starting out in photography?

Depends, if you’re a hobbyist I’d say a canon 80D with a Nifty 50, but if you’re looking to make a career I’d say bare minimum a Canon 6D Mark ii or if you’re getting into film, a Minolta or Pentax is always great!

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What do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year? Are there any brands you’d love to shoot for?

I’d like to be able to book a solid brand by the end of the year. With that being said some of my goal brands are Adidas, Fjallraven, Miu Miu. And a huge one – I’d cry if I got Gucci.

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Does social media influence the way or how often you create?

As everyone does, we have people we look up to. When I see said creator posting, it makes me want to work harder. Social media influences how often I create, but magazines influence the way I create. I really like what Paper and Nylon produce for their viewers. It’s fresh content in comparison to what most people see. And that’s what I try to implement in my work.

Any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps as an editorial photographer?

Do something different every time you shoot. Diversify yourself.