20 Chicago Creatives To Collaborate With

20 Chicago Creatives To Collaborate With
Mikaala Shackelford

H is a worldwide platform for visually driven creators to come together, connect, and inspire. Displaying the work of photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists, and models, H provides potential opportunities for creatives to do the work they love in a productive setting with other like-minded individuals. Their “Hub” of activity paves the way for artistically driven relationships to be born.

You started your photography or modeling career, and now what? You can’t keep taking selfies of yourself or photos of your siblings to make it in the creative industry. You instead need a varied portfolio and the only way to do that is to network with others within your community who are also trying to build their portfolios. For photographers, that means working with models to practice their skills interacting with their subjects. This is easier to do when you know the people you could reach out to that would be interested in working with you.

Here at H, we decided to make it easier, and for now, we’re zeroing in on Chicago. Below you will find a list of photographers, models, stylists, makeup artists, and videographers you’ll want to shoot with this year. So check them out and do some reaching out. You never know where it may lead you.

1. Kohl Murdock

Kohl is a photographer and director who works between Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. She does a lot of beauty, fashion, and runway photography. Her experience in the industry is one of the reasons why you should shoot with her. Her work is filled with so much depth and personality that we have no doubt of the things you could learn from Kohl.


2. Gabija Guzauskaite

Gabija Guzauskaite is a professional Lithuanian model based in Chicago who float between the Windy City, Los Angeles, and New York. Not only is she signed with O Models, Wunder Agency, EMG, MMG, BMG, and DAS in the United States, but she is also represented by ICON MM in Canada.

3. Zachary Raber

Zachary is a published portrait and fashion photographer from Chicago. He enjoys working with upcoming models and continue developing his unique style. Known for a deeply nostalgic look, his style mirrors a West Coast feel despite his Midwest placement. His recent 80s-influenced projects have garnered a spike in attention due to their experimental and romantically-charged nature. He also enjoys developing content for brands by integrating fashion products into his photographs.


4. Felicia Deleon

Felicia is a makeup artist from Chicago who does her own styles and photography. She would be a great creative and artist to collaborate with. Her work is beautiful and she is very talented at what she does.


5. Sarah Baniak

Sara Baniak is a producer, colorist, and photographer who found home in the city of Chicago, moving from Detroit. She aims to tell people’s stories or create a new one alongside other artists primarily through several mediums, not just through exclusively one. Her additional background in makeup artistry and styling can be seen in her stunning work. A human of many talents!

6. Mira Horwitz

Mira wishes she was 20 years old during the 1960’s. She an up and coming creator who has a vision that she hopes to develop with others. Travel, has been the greatest influence on her art. She particularly enjoys finding art in nature and photographing people unposed and influenced by their surroundings. Mira has traveled extensively across the United States and Europe and is excited to add South Africa and Asia to her explorations. Hang out with her and you just might be invited.


7. Tyus Berry

Tyus is a model from Chicago who is currently signed with Wilhelmina, with previous work with Interlude Studios, Daniel Hoff Agency in LA, and Kult Models in Capetown, South Africa. Always on the move, he is constantly traveling the world for his next big job.

8. Oluwatobi Oladejo

Oluwatobi AKA Tobi is a Chicago creative who is searching for those meaningful connections that will not only help him improve his work but also will always provide him with lifelong colleagues and friends. He is an artist through and through, and it is evident in his raw, emotional, and compelling work.

9. Nicole Petrie

Nicole is an Illinois model who represented by Chicago’s The Rock Agency and Mexico’s Wanted Models. Passionate about sharing her lifestyle and travels on social media, she is a true example of a model in today’s society.

10. Piotr Kulak

Piotr is a fashion photographer from Chicago who is full of ideas. He is also full of advice, inspiration, and self-love. His work is beautiful and leans toward the editorial and high-fashion areas of modeling.


11. Coliin Swavey

Coliin Swavey is a visual content director, with experience in both photography and graphic design as well as video, with a consistent style of colorful and energetic imagery.

Working in retail while learning his craft, Coliin Swavey learned what it means to put clients first. Coliin swavey works closely with models, designers, everyday people, commercial clients and his creative team to create a vision that compliments any brand. Running a customer-friendly, service-oriented business is one of his biggest successes.


12. Alexandra Pekarevskaya 

Alexandra Pekarevskaya, better known as Sasha, is a stylist and model in Chicago who dabbles in a bit of self-portraits and makeup artistry. Her focus remains around the vintage pieces of yesterday, especially jewlery, with a modern twist along with today’s and tomorrow’s trends.

13. Jordyn Belli

Jordyn Belli is a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.

Her work is vulnerable. It’s all the pure, open honesty of what it means to be human. Recently, she has started to explore the ties between bodyscape and landscape. After shooting so many people in their most vulnerable state she has really begun to prioritize the human connection that takes place through her work above anything else.

14. Charles Castro

Charles is a born-and-raised Chicago model known best for his signature look — his one-of-a-kind curly hair that you can’t miss. He thrives on connecting with other artists and being a part of their creative process. If you’re searching for a model in Chicago with a unique look, Charles is your guy.


15. Kevin Serna

Kevin is a photographer who also really enjoys vintage style photos. He has a love of neutral tones and earthy styles. His work feels so real and in a world where everything is doctored this is a good thing.


16. Vanessa Quiñones Lester

Vanessa is a licensed wardrobe stylist and a creative director based in the Windy City. Her specialties are in personal styling services, creative direction, editorial projects, and photoshoots, and she co-manages a wardrobe styling and editorial consulting business.


17. Oliver Sandoval

Oliver is a very versatile photographer, and he is trying to do as many different styles of portrait photography as he possibly can. From there he would like to branch out to commercial, lifestyle, travel, conceptual, and events. In his portraits, he tries to show the overall beauty of women. He tries to have a diverse set of women; ethnicity, body, and style wise. My goal is to show how different a women’s empowerment’s are.


18. Joni Dobrov

Joni is a motion designer and video editor, with her focus on the production-side of the industry. Aside from her self-titles, she also has experience in creative directing and production managing while also serving her passion for music-themed art.


19. John Ng

John is a fashion, beauty, and advertising photographer based in Chicago, but available for worldwide service. He has been shooting since he was a child. He loves photographing people because each one is unique and interesting. He loves to work with brands and others to create breathtaking images for commercial, advertising, editorial, creative + fashion. Meet up with him and swap those creative ideas.


20. Nailah Mikan

Nailah is a model who has a passion for and specializes in creative shoots. Aiming to push herself through her art, she defines herself as a “multi-dimensional being having an artistic human experience.”

Hear from the Chicago creatives featured and the hearts behind their art below: