20 Minneapolis Creators To Shoot With

Kassidy Renee Paige

At H, we are a platform of creators that come together to produce works of art through imagery and video. The basis of H is a community, a place in which creatives can collaborate on works that inspire and express their personal vision. Whether you’re a photographer, model, makeup artist, stylist or videographer, our platform is intended to help you find and work with like-minded creators in your area.

In order to showcase the ingenuity of our members, we have been featuring creatives from various cities all over the country. In hopes of igniting an even stronger collaborative spirit for our community, we are setting our sights on the state of Minnesota. From editorial photographers to runway models and filmmakers, here are 20 creators you need to shoot with in Minneapolis.

1. Bri Flasch

Bri is a videographer and photographer that captures creative portrait and travel content through her lens. She has traveled to places such as Vietnam and Egypt, where she has composed engaging stills of their diverse cultures. Additionally, Bri has a unique and engaging style of cinematic portraiture, expressing her own personal vision and alternative viewpoint through her images.


2. Paul Weaver

Paul is an editorial photographer and videographer with a focus on fashion and branded content. His images evoke a strong sense of identity, capturing his subjects in a way that allows them to stand our from their environment. He has a crisp, clean editing style and has created content for brands such as Mottla Grace, Tory Sport, Baldwin and Primark.

3. Viktoriya Taskayeva

Viktoriya is a freelance makeup artist with an inclination for creating dramatic and fantasy infused work. She understands how to create for any scenario, whether it is natural makeup for a bride or the boldness of eyeliner designs and teased hair for editorial spreads, it is evident that she has a vast understanding and knowledge of the makeup industry.

4. Joan Born

Joan is a photographer, creative director and stylist. Her work is mainly focused on the content she creates through her agency “Born and Born” which she runs with her husband. Through their agency, they create fashion portraits and still life images for minimally aesthetic brands. Joan has a strong creative eye and skill in visual design through her curated collage pieces to express her clients’ identity.

5. Zach G Thomas

Zach is a photographer and videographer focusing his work within the realm of fashion. As a film photographer, his images evoke a distinct sense of raw and real emotion. His work is often framed with a nostalgic viewpoint through the styling of his subjects and the environment in which he chooses to compose his images.

6. Cianneh Browne

Cianneh is a Liberian runway, print and fashion model. With her unique look and personal style, she  exudes femininity and strength across the page. Whether she is being photographed in the desert, Japanese gardens or on the runway, Cianneh is a woman who understands how to capture and keep the attention of her audience.


7. Genet Jean Pierre

Genet is a fashion, editorial photographer and in-house creative for the brand, Love Your Melon. She creates portraits that invoke emotion and effectively display the personality of the women and men she photographs. She captures her images with varied perspectives and points of view that give a sense of true power to her subject.


8. Bobby Burns

Bobby Burns in a photographer and videographer that captures commercial and wedding content around the world. Working alongside his wife, Mycah, the creative team effectively creates candid, expressive images of couples in love in the most beautiful places.

9. Kassidy Renee Paige

Kassidy is a film and digital photographer creating travel, lifestyle and fine art imagery. Her film photography is especially stunning with its deep rich tones, double exposures and light leaks. Whether she is photographing snaps of life or captivating portraits, her work has a definitive personality and style that sets her apart from the crowd.

10. Lizzy Fenton

Lizzy is a model with a distinct personality and style. She is often photographed in dramatic and cinematic scenarios that aim to tell a story. She has the ability to capture a diverse range of characters and is effectively able to express and communicate her creative role through the lens.

11. Cesar Buitrago

Cesar is a fashion photographer that captures his subjects on medium format film. His work has a simple beauty, with a rich color palette and posing methods that effectively define the personality of his subject. He alternates between on location and in studio work, both of which he excels at. His work is truly definitive of the fashion, editorial landscape.


12. Jennifer Wiles

Jennifer is a model and makeup artist. She is represented in both the U.S. and in Paris and has been featured in a variety of fashion and editorial shoots. Through her work, Jennifer is able to showcase intense emotion and the level of intensity she brings to her images, makes her a model that knows how to stand out from the rest.

13. Ben Mezzenga

Ben is a model that effectively adapts to his creative environment. Whether his role is for commercial purposes or meant to depict a specific character, Ben captures the focus of the camera and is able to draw in his viewer with his strong personality.


14. Akan Essien

Akan is a commercial, fashion and beauty photographer and retoucher. His work features intense color palettes that shape and frame the beauty of his subjects. His style is truly unique with the composition of his shots, intricate set designs and colored lighting techniques.

15. Eve Liu

Eve is a photographer, stylist and model. She works with both digital and analog formats to create emotive and fashion portraits. Her work effectively captures the women she photographs through her  strong sense of composition, light and color.


16. Isaac West

Issac is a photographer and creative director. His work is focused on the use of color in both intense and desaturated forms. Using his subjects expressions and poses to tell a story, he captures images that are indicative of the editorial and high fashion industry.

17. Kaylen Larson

Kaylen is a photographer and content producer for various media organizations. Her images are focused on branding for various companies through the use of portraiture and still life photographs. She also photographs weddings and engagement sessions that are full of canid and exuberant depictions of love.


18. Mukhtaar Hassan

Mukhtaar is a freelance photographer who specializes in portraits and candids. His portraits are often composed through the use of natural light and bright colors. His images are full of emotion, framed to capture the up close and personal nature of his subject.


19. Jesse Lo

Jesse is a photographer that specializes in couples, engagements and weddings. Additionally, he composes creative portraits to showcase his personal and artistic vision. Utilizing materials such as mirrors, paper and intense light – he aims to compose an alternative and unique viewpoint that juxtaposes the standard portrait.

20. Pauly Pholwises

Pauly is a portrait and fashion photographer. Utilizing a natural and soft style of editing, his images are centered around the composition and background in which they are captured. Pauly aims to create a scene for his images that effectively express and tell the story of his subject.