Wedding Photographer Natalia Wajda: Capturing Life’s Special Moments

Wedding Photographer Natalia Wajda: Capturing Life's Special Moments

Wedding photographers are creatives who love love and love to photograph people with authentic emotions and moments. Natalia Wajda is a NYC/NJ-based photographer who shoots weddings, engagements, and couples in love. She is incredibly passionate about what she does: traveling far and wide and capturing those perfect moments.

Interview with Natalia, Wedding and Portrait Photographer

When did you realize you had a passion for wedding/couples photography? 

I realized that I had a passion for shooting couples & weddings when I shot my first wedding, two summers ago. I had just started out with photography a few months prior, but I was really passionate about it and was constantly shooting portraits for people at school. Then one day, my aunt told me that her friend’s daughter was looking for a wedding photographer for a small reception and some bride & groom portraits. I was nervous but I was like HECK YES I’D LOVE TO. It was my first time ever shooting with a couple, so I was just randomly coming up with poses on the spot.

Even though I was new to it, something felt so natural about what I was doing. It just felt right. I saw how happy the couple was and something about capturing authentic moments and emotions stuck with me. It was kind of like this boost of energy and it felt so rewarding. Now, as I work with more and more couples, that feeling remains and grows, especially since every couple is so different and I am constantly learning.

You travel to a variety of places for photos — in the snow, on the beach, on a rooftop in the city. What cameras and lenses do you use? 

I love traveling for photography. I use a Canon 5D Mark IV. My lenses are the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 II, Sigma 35mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.8. I use my 24-70 the most though, especially in harsher weather conditions because it’s weather sealed! I literally shot with a couple in FREEZING HAIL in Oregon and my camera was totally fine!

What do you love the most about doing these shoots? The opportunities to travel, to meet people, or something else? 

There’s so much I love about what I do. Some things I love the most are the freedom to be creative, meeting new people, making amazing friends, traveling to new places in the world and the never-ending process of learning. It’s so cool meeting new people, especially other photographers and putting our ideas together to make something new. I’ve become friends with so many couples, photographers and other people in the industry that I still talk to everyday, all because of photography. Also, I love that I am always able to learn something new because photography is constantly evolving, especially my style of shooting & editing.

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It’s snow secret that these two are in love ❄️😉

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As a freelance photographer who travels a lot, do you find it hard to balance work life and personal life? 

It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s not impossible! As long as I manage my time correctly, I’m totally fine. But sometimes it becomes a lot, so I need to take a step back, recharge and then get back into it with a clear mind. It’s all about finding the balance. Sometimes I have to say no to friends because I need to edit a wedding or go to a shoot, but then sometimes I also need to stop working to give myself a break and enjoy some free time!

Luckily, I have friends that are super supportive of what I do and they’re always willing to hang out whenever we both have a chance! My family is also amazing and they understand when I need to hide away in my room to get work done. It gets harder during the semester because I’m still in college, but I find time to edit in between classes and shoots on weekends / after class!

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I only have one word to describe these two and it is R O Y A L T Y 👑😍🤯😍🤩😍👑

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What’s something you hope to accomplish by the end of the year? 

There’s a lot I want to accomplish. I think I want to find more balance and allow myself to have more “me time.” I think this will help me to get my creative juices going so that I can work on some new projects this year. It’s easy to get caught up in working, shooting, editing…to a point where it becomes a routine. I want to break out of that routine and give myself some more creative freedom!

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Had the honor of shooting with Lauren & Arie the other day ❤️🏙 They are so beautiful together ✨💘

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Any advice for photographers looking to get into wedding or couples photography? 

JUST DO IT! If you’re interested in shooting couples & weddings, START NOW! What are you waiting for?!

Step 1: WATCH TUTORIALS! Watching tutorials on Youtube helped me so much. It gave me so many ideas to work with, which gave me confidence during my shoots! Youtube was definitely the biggest teacher for me.

Step 2: Find a couple to shoot with (your brother & his gf, your parents, your friends, your neighbor, anyone!!!)

Step 3: Email/DM a million photographers and ask to second shoot or assist! I definitely learned so much from working with other photographers who were way better than me. You’d be surprised by how many photographers there are out there who are willing to help out! I am forever grateful to those who’ve helped me, so if you need help, send me a message! 

Want to hire Natalia for a couples photoshoot? Do it. You won’t regret it.