Wedding Photographers That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Wedding photography is a billion dollar industry. It’s often the place were many photographers begin their professional careers. However, sometimes wedding photography gets a bad rep as being boring, or too stressful, or not stimulating enough for a photographer. There are pros and cons to any photo gig, but it’s important to remember that wedding photography is a great way to make money, and it holds a lot of indispensable sentimental value to customers.

We wanted to put a list together of some of our favorite wedding photographers on the Hub who inspire us. We want to thank them for their beautiful work, elegance, and magic that be achieved as a wedding photographer.

1.) Asher Lee 15.5k

This husband and wife duo is fantastic. They are destination wedding photographers who uniquely capture the essence of love with stunning edits, and breathtaking emotions.

2.) Jackie Haugen  11K

Jackie is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Montana. She does a lot of photography for couples within National Parks. Her edits are crisp and full of life. She does a wonderful job capturing the true feelings between each couple. 

3.) Erika Hart 2K

Erika is based in Minnesota. She does wedding, engagement, and family photography. Her images focus more on the moment and the emotion, and less on the landscape around the models. The depth and variety she has on her page is wonderful to look at

4.) Duke Moose 92.3K

Duke is a Utah based travel wedding photographer. We like the fact that he’s always trying something new and putting a spin on those traditional wedding photos. The lighting is always on point, the poses are thoughtfully captured, and his page is a joy to look at.

5.) Sirjana & Ben 

 Sirjana and Ben are a photography duo that specializes in couple photography for weddings, elopements, engagements, and just general couple adventure photos. They are currently in Australia and New Zealand. Their photos are a mix between close up, and landscape. They put a lot of emphasis on the shadows that occur naturally between the models and the landscape. 

6.) Jesus Rodrigues 36K

 Jesus is a couple photographer from Hesperia, California. His focus, like the other photographers listed, is on couples. However, it isn’t all about the wedding or traditional love. He has pictures of more sinister scenes and nude scenes which capture the freedom of unconditional love within nature.

7.) Luis Tenz’s  10.9K

Luis is based in Portugal. His photos revolve around love and the idea that we each have someone that we fit with. There’s no question when you see his photos that the two models love each other dearly and it’s such beautiful things to look at. I have never been a fan of kissing photos, I always think they look awkward, but the ones that Luis captures come out so natural and genuine that there’s no doubt of his talent.  Favorite photo.

8.) Tricia Victoria  28K

Tricia photographs more than just weddings she captures love in all of its stages, from the beginning to a marriage union, to the start of a family, and the beauty that comes after creating that. Her page tells such a timeless story that you will undoubtedly keep returning for more.

9.) Bethany Small   37K

 Bethany is from Portland, Oregon. Her photos focus on the details of love, the small moments within the big ceremonies. I love how well she captures candid moments between her models. The moments we all want to see, but can never seem to make look as genuine as she does. When we are in the moment, we often forget to notice the small things that really matter. Bethany gives us the gift of seeing it all.

10.) Elliot Pollaro 8k

Elliot is an engagement photographer based in Dallas, Texas. He runs a wedding photography company with his wife Carly. What I love about their work is that they showcase all kinds of love in all of its’ various shapes and forms. Whether it’s self-love or same-sex love he flawlessly captures it and puts it out there for the world to see. You name it, and you can find the inspiration on Elliot’s page.  Favorite photo.

There you have it! Ten wonderfully talented wedding photographers with all sorts of different styles, and creative visions. We hope you find some inspiration from each of them. Do you know some amazing Hub members that you think we should feature? Comment below to tell us which state we should feature next.