10 Small Fashion Brands For A Summer Editorial

small fashion brands
Small Fashion Brands

When you’re planning a fashion editorial, the pieces you curate are key to your photographic story. Considering that the fashion world is always evolving, artists are now deviating from the standard high fashion spreads to create images and concepts that include the work of emerging and small fashion brands.

If you’re looking to stand out from the creative crowd and allow your images to be truly unique – you need to feature the work of smaller, independent brands within your photography.

These brands are reshaping the industry with their vision, mission and dedication to their consumers. They offer a niched and specific perspective that allows them to focus on their products, quality and creative viewpoint.

In fact, small fashion brands are redefining the meaning of fashion. Don’t you want to be a part of such a movement?

So, to spark your inspiration for planning your next shoot – here are 10 small, independent fashion brands to use for your summer editorial.

10 Small Fashion Brands For Your Summer Editorial


The first small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Pansy.

Looking to photograph some ethical undergarments? Look no further than Pansy.

They are a California brand that has been creating comfy, dreamy and ethical products made of organic cotton since 2013.

In fact, their product line of bras, lounge wear, underwear, socks and more is completely US made with full transparency.

Check out this comfy, cozy brand with a mission here. 

Botanica Workshop

The second small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Botanica Workshop.

This lifestyle brand develops underwear, swimwear and loungewear made of organic and sustainable materials. Did we mention that they are some of the chicest, coolest pieces we have ever seen?

Since 2014, they have created responsible products from their independent design studio.

“We are ever evolving and ever mindful of our ‘slow fashion’ sustainable design practice.”

Take a look at their entire collection, here. 

Ajaie Alaie

The third small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Ajaie Alaie.

This brand not only offers desirable summer pieces, but is all about mindfulness and instilling a power within women.

“Each garment is reminding us to feel proud of our accomplishments, to love unconditionally, feel secure, grounded and safe.”

With this mission, why wouldn’t you want to include Ajaie Alaie in your editorial? Plus, their line screams stylish summer.

With unique dresses, skirts and more, check out their collection here. 


About Arianne

The fourth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is About Arianne.

As a woman’s footwear brand based in Barcelona and crafted in Spain, About Arianne produces some of the most stylish shoes available on today’s fashion market.

Guaranteed to make your images pop, they create footwear that is colorful, feminine and designed with summer in mind.

Including their line in your editorial is a surefire way to make your photography story stand out from the rest.

Take a look at their beautiful collection, here.


Nu Swim

The fifth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Nu Swim.

Nu Swim was founded in California in 2015 and is a New York based swimwear and lifestyle brand that crafts pieces that favor construction, materials and simplicity.

“Our aim is to create sustainable, timeless pieces made with regenerated synthetics and natural materials that can be worn as an uncomplicated second skin.”

In fact, Nu Swim understands minimalism in the best way. If you’re looking for pieces with shape, form and style – you need to consider Nu Swim.

Preview their collection, here. 

Sidway Swimwear

The sixth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Sidway Swimwear.

Made for the modern babe, Sidway Swim is designed with vintage in mind.

“Inspired by every ’90s catwalk moment, driven by an obsession for quality and maintained by the belief that poolside is the best side, we made bikinis and swimsuits as distinct as the women who wear them.”

Did we mention that every piece by Sidway sculpts your body like no swimsuit ever has? Yeah, they are that good.

But, don’t take our word for it – add it to your summer styling list and pick the swim style of your dreams, here. 


The seventh small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Negative.

There’s no better way to beat the heat, than to include well made intimates by Negative in your editorial.

A women run brand, they have designed a line that has:

“Focused on the essentials and ditched the rest. No lace, no padding no bows, no decorations.”

Their aim is to create pieces that make you feel amazing in your own skin, without the frills and fluff. Add Negative to your styling list this summer and view their collection here. 

Maison Cléo

The eighth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Maison Cléo.

This mother and daughter fashion brand is redefining the meaning of handmade style.

Made in France, the brand has become a well-received arrival onto the U.S. fashion scene.

With quality materials, intricate details and delicate handiwork – you need to include Maison Cléo in your next editorial.

Take a look at their must-have silk and embroidered pieces here. 

Jade Swim

The ninth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Jade Swim.

Jade Swim is a luxe day to night, minimal swimwear brand – made with Italian fabric, need I say more?

Developed by fashion editor and stylist, Brittany Kozerski, the brand,

“Combines her minimalistic aesthetic with innovative silhouettes and unique design details.”

And, with the line being designed with UV protection and resistance to chlorine, suntan lotions and oils – it’s a swimwear brand made for the summer.

Check out Jade Swim here. 


The tenth small fashion brand for your summer editorial is Galamaar.

Founded in 2017 by Blakely Wickstrom, Galamaar is a swimwear brand that you need to know.

With her California upbringing and residence in Brooklyn, Wickstrom has established, “A balance of east and west coast style and sensibility at the heart of the brand.”

“Galamaar is timeless swimwear for the contemporary women.” Plus, they are eco-friendly. Their line is made with environmentally conscious fabrics and produced in Los Angeles, CA.

The styles they create are hip, fresh and effortlessly cool. Take a look at Galamaar here. 

So, as you can see, if you’re planning to shoot a summer editorial – you need to style with one of these 10 small fashion brands. Designed with quality, detail and creativity – these brands are reshaping the fashion world.

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