5 Sustainable Clothing Brands For Your Next Fashion Shoot

sustainable clothing brands
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Sustainability and ethical production is becoming a more prevalent staple in the fashion industry. When crafting and planning your next shoot, whether for an editorial or personal project, you need to consider styling with sustainable clothing brands.

If you choose to shop vintage, second-hand, thrifted or items made with conscious materials – you are playing a role in the promotion of sustainability.

What better way to create meaningful, captivating imagery than with one that sends a message about the importance of environmentally friendly shopping?

Here is our recent discovery of 5 independent, conscious brands that are helping to pave the way in a more sustainable fashion industry. Let’s have a look at the list below:

5 Sustainable Clothing Brands To Style Your Next Shoot

Lilt Clothing

The first sustainable clothing brand is Lilt Clothing.

They are a contemporary womenswear brand, designed and made with forgotten fabrics. Lilt sells their brand exclusively online.

According to their website, their brand is focused,

“On using sustainable practices. Lilt produces limited run collections from neglected fabrics due to minor cosmetic damages and fabrics with low yardage that don’t meet the minimums of other brands.”

They believe in well designed statement pieces for the creative and bold that won’t drastically impact the Earth.

Designed in Chicago and made in the USA, check out Lilt Clothing here. 


Peoples Product

The second sustainable clothing brand is the Peoples Product.

They are an ethical, artisan obsessed, fairly priced clothing brand.

According to their website,

“Every Peoples Product piece is designed with a conscience. We take into account the people who wear our clothes, as well as the people who make them.”

To read more about their sustainable movement and latest collection, visit their website here. 

Les Femmes

The third sustainable clothing brand is Les Femmes.

They are a womenswear label based in Los Angeles where each piece is cut and sewn by local artisans. The Les Femmes collection is sold exclusively online.

According to their website,

“Due to the nature of dead stock fabric and to avoid excess, we create very limited quantities in all styles, making each and every piece that much more unique. Owning your own Les Femmes piece is very similar to your favorite vintage find, in both quality and rarity.”

To read more about their ethical production, check out their website here. 


The Break

The fourth sustainable clothing brand is The Break.

The Break sells contemporary and vintage pieces that are effortless, relevant and affordable.

They focus on curating what is current in vintage for a bargain price point.

“The Break aims to bridge the runway and reality, sourcing second-hand clothing and accessories that represent a current aesthetic.”

With their sustainable footprint, they are helping the Earth one curated piece at a time. Read more about the Break here. 


The fifth sustainable clothing brand is OCIN.

Looking to shoot a swimsuit project this summer? Look no further than OCIN, an eco-swim label for the conscious and open hearted.

“We use 100%  recycled polyesters from plastic bottles saved from landfills and recycled nylon in our fabrics.”

Their aim is to develop pieces that are easy to care for, takes care of you and does right for the earth and our oceans at the same time.

To shop their collection and read more about their mission, check out OCIN here. 

So, as you can see, these are just a few of the sustainable clothing brands redefining the fashion industry. If you want to create beautiful images and support the environmental cause, use one of these brands to style your next creative project.

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