Kohl Murdock As A Female Photographer In The Creative Industry 

We sat down with Kohl Murdock, a photographer and director working in between Chicago and New York, and talked about her career and experience as a female fashion photographer in the industry.

In the past, she’s been a part of multiple seasons of Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, and London, and has worked with brands like Alexander Wang, Gypsy Sport, and Chanel. She remembers one of her first commercial jobs, when a studio manager told her to come in, sit down, and stay quiet like “the other women in the workplace.” She hasn’t worked with them since.

It’s important to hold firm to what you stand for, especially as a woman and as a person.


Kohl believes that in order to market true empowerment, you have to help control the female narrative and what it should be shown as.

Now, she’s been able to work alongside strong, amazing female-based producers, artists, directors, marketing strategists, and models. She has recently worked on a jewelry campaign that brought together a number of female artists, and with that, it helped her see how essential it is to be inclusive within beauty and within this industry.


Instead of following a fake narrative that is used to appease an audience in this industry and beyond, Kohl believes that she’s in a beautiful place and it’s the perfect time to start having discussions and creating images that are pure and true, especially as a woman and as a person.