Top 5 Portrait Photographers on The Hub

We’re back with some of our favorite portrait photographers. First, let’s talk about what portrait photography is. Google defines it as a photograph of a person or people that captures the personality of the subject using the right lighting, backdrop, and poses. Yet portrait photography is so much more than that. It’s about building a connection with your subject and capturing a moment that you feel reflects that connectivity. It’s about showing the world a perspective on a human through another human’s eyes. It’s a stunning way to preserve the essence of humanity, history, emotions, and personal identity. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite portrait photographers on The Hub.

Portrait Photographer on The Hub: Steve Gindler

Steve is a photographer based in New York/New Jersey who takes compelling and sometimes dark images of his subjects. The women he takes photos of are most often serious, and many contort their bodies into impossible positions. His photos also appear simple at first glance, but there is a story behind each one and it’s the viewer’s job to discover what that story may be. Check him out, it will definitely inspire you to take some photos that might be out of your comfort zone.

Portrait Photographer on The Hub: Brandon Woelfel

Brandon is relatively famous on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow him. He has beautiful portraiture and his style is very much the same through his portfolio. He is based in New York and will make you want to head out and purchase some fairy lights to throw in your photos. He experiments a lot with light and his gorgeous results will inspire you to do the same.

Portrait Photographer on The Hub: Dani Diamond

Dani is a New York based portrait and fashion photographer. He does more close facial shot rather than full body. The focus is much more on the eyes of the model and catching a fleeting facial expression during his time with the models. His edits are clean and very crisp and the photos are great to go through for ideas and inspiration before any shoot with a model. He photographs a lot of different people and this serves to remind us all that communicating and connecting with each subject is essential for one’s work to come out authentic.

Portrait Photographer on The Hub: Derrick Freske

Derrick is based in Los Angeles, CA. He is known for his vibrant color scheme and psychedelic looking photos. Lots of movement, lots of reds, blues, purples, and stars. It’s fun to look through and will absolutely make you want to try that glitter photoshoot! Derrick’s style also recently shifted to solely colorful images. Before he did a lot more daylight and nature portraits sprinkled in between his neon light images. All his work is worth checking out.


Portrait Photographer on The Hub: Anna Maria

Ana is a photographer in both New Mexico and San Francisco. Scrolling through her feed I realized I enjoyed the portrait photography that she had done back in January or so. Her use of colors is amazing and the facial expressions on her models really draw the viewer in and make them fall deeper into the photo. Definitely a professional worth checking out and considering for a shoot if you are in New Mexico or the Bay Area.

Five amazing fellow creatives you should take a look at. There are so many more incredible people that are a part of H. I found these profiles from the “Search Creatives” tab on the website. It’s a great tool for creatives hoping to branch out and work with other creatives. I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I did. If anyone has any recommendations for our next Feature please let us know in the comments below!  

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