Exploitation In The Modeling Industry

Exploitation In The Modeling Industry

What does exploitation even mean? In the modeling industry, as well as many others, the lines are very blurred on defining what is and what isn’t exploitive.

“When you’re personally being exploited…[and] you don’t realize it and you’re really suffering and miserable in a sense, but you’re completely unaware of it…it’s like it’s happening, [and] you don’t even know it’s happening.” – Frankie Cavalcanti, model.

For too long, the conversation on exploitation has been pushed to the back burner. The “don’t ask, don’t tell” basis has not only been detrimental to the modeling industry but also has become the downfall of the classic agency infrastructure.

“Exploitation also comes out of thinking you don’t think you have a choice or you don’t think you’ll get any money if you’re not being exploited.”


We brought in multi-faceted model Frankie Cavalcanti to talk about her experience being signed while recovering from her eating disorder, and how she defines the blurred lines that have been detrimental during her career. Watch the entirety of her interview here: